Old Keys Don't
Open New Doors

James Robilotta encourages your organization to break away from
the “that’s the way we have always done it” mentality. Check out
8 ways your organization can be more innovative this year.

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Anyone That Truly Cares
About Their Organization
Has Thought of Quitting

David Stollman shares how it’s common to want to quit
your organization, why you shouldn’t feel guilty,
and how to overcome those feelings.

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Why We Celebrate
Hispanic Heritage Month

Saul Flores shares how celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
allows students of immigrant background to remember their past,
to discuss where they are, and to help take control
of their future.

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quoteI love working with CAMPUSPEAK. They consistently check in on my needs and ensure that a program will happen. I am thankful they are always willing to do whatever is needed to make a program happen!quote

– Kristen Kardas, Assistant Director for Sorority & Fraternity Life, Ohio University

quoteCAMPUSPEAK was nothing but accommodating. I even had a last minute time change and my request was approved within just a few hours. You have a wonderful program here, and I will definitely be coming back!quote

– Michael Walsh, Inter-Fraternity Council VP, University of Delaware

quoteCAMPUSPEAK is by far the easiest and most low maintenance agency I have worked with. Not only were they low maintenance, but they were also able to deliver a wonderful program – It doesn’t get any better than that!quote

– Lauren Crist, Assistant Director of Student Activities, University of Dubuque

quoteMy experience with CAMPUSPEAK was smooth and efficient, and they really made it painless to find and book the perfect speaker. The website was navigable, the lady I spoke to about tailoring the event to our needs was very helpful, and of course our speaker was fabulous. Every detail down to the paperwork was clearly explained and easy to manage.quote

– Rebecca Larkins, SGA President, Saint Francis University