CAMPUSPEAK provides transformative learning experiences to educate and inspire students for success in their college years and beyond. We value our partnerships and will always provide our customers with dependable, friendly service that exceeds their expectations. There are five broad categories of services we provide to colleges and universities:

1. Keynote Speakers

One person. One mic. One impactful event.

A dynamic speaker stands in front an audience, of any size, to engage, inspire, educate and motivate. CAMPUSPEAK maintains a roster of approximately 50 highly-trained and qualified keynote speakers to add excitement to your programming efforts. For a standard price that includes travel expenses, you get one of these notable individuals for five continuous hours of service (from stepping on campus to stepping off). This typically means an evening keynote and one additional event, such as a reception, dinner, breakout or roundtable. Multiple bookings with longer time commitments are negotiated and will include an extra charge, but keynote speakers are typically delivering their unique material.

2. Interactive Workshops

Leading a smaller group to create action-oriented change.

CAMPUSPEAK has approximately a dozen set curriculum that deals with critical issues facing student leaders. When you book an Interactive Workshop, you are booking one or two facilitators to come to your campus to lead a group of students through multi-hour training. Training typically includes exercises, discussions, action planning and problem-solving. Interactive Workshops are customizable for your particular community, but follow an established set of activities. A keynote speaker is presenting to an audience, but in an Interactive Workshop, a facilitator is leading a smaller group of students with programming that fits their campus realities.

3. Consulting

Customized multi-day, multi-strategy problem analysis, and recommendations.

Sometimes you need a person with expertise to come in and help devise a plan to address a deeper set of issues. Programming may include a keynote, small group work sessions, staff training, individual and group consultations, a review of current policies and efforts and other meetings over the course of several days. Consulting involves a multi-pronged approach to problem-solving. One talented individual or a small team might be needed to help you distil the issues and give you a place to start. Consultations can take any number of forms, might involve several visits or just one visit for multiple days. Our team can help craft a highly-customized solution using members of our speaking and facilitation teams.

4. Online Education

Education for cross-curricular learning regardless of distance or population.

CAMPUSPEAK is committed to providing transformative educational opportunities that meet every community’s needs. Our online education opportunities can reach communities at scale while still being able to provide customized and personalized content. Additionally, these learning experiences provide you with rich data to help you learn more about your community and their future educational needs. Our programs highlight personal stories that will connect with your students and engage them wherever they are.

5. Custom Programs

Let us create a program tailored just for you!

Our talented team of nearly 100 speakers, facilitators, and consultants can design a custom program to address the particular needs of your community. The CAMPUSPEAK TEAM comprises of published authors, PhDs, deans, faculty, veterans, JDs, philanthropists, social justice advocates, athletes, and esteemed student affairs professionals that are experts in what they do. We will work closely with you and your speaker, facilitator, or consultant to ensure your custom program meets your desired learning outcomes.