College Speakers Academy

For those who want to learn the truth about speaking to college students.

What makes the College Speakers Academy different from the others promising to teach you how to speak in the college market?

Professional speakers—who actually make a full-time living speaking to colleges and universities—teach our seminar. Our faculty is better qualified to teach you the realities of college speaking than anyone else.

We won’t fill your head with false promises. We’ll tell you the truth about what college speakers do to establish credibility with students and with campus professionals, and we’ll help you understand how a commitment of time and effort can pay off over time.

We operate from a respectful perspective regarding higher education. It’s not about making a quick buck off college students. It’s about connecting students with important, life-changing messages, supporting the mission of the professionals working with students and (for some) making a living doing it.

Our program is affordable, and we aren’t luring you in with intentions of selling you other products and services. You won’t spend half of your time at our program having other products pitched to you.

We will offer you frank, constructive advice on the first steps you need to take toward speaking to colleges locally, regionally or nationwide. All three of these are possible, and we will help you develop an action plan for the option that’s right for you.

You get access to full time professionals who spend their days marketing and managing the careers of the nation’s most successful college speakers.

Standout participants may be given an opportunity to apply toward affiliation with CAMPUSPEAK.


David Stollman is the co-founder and President of CAMPUSPEAK. David has 20 years of college speaking experience and has facilitated workshops on over 500 campuses. He has mentored dozens of speakers toward proven success in the college market, establishing the most reputable college agency in operation today.

Branden Stewart is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for CAMPUSPEAK, coordinating the Speakers Team for the company, and handling all new speaker recruitment. He will help you understand how to build trusting relationships with college buyers and how to deliver customer service that will get higher education professionals talking about you!