Impact of a Workshop

By: Austin Arias On college campuses, now more than ever, it is important to empower students to see themselves as agents of change for not only their campus but society. For our students who choose to seek out leadership development experiences or involvement on campus, their already vested interest keeps them motivated. Determining the best way […]

How Women Will End Hazing

[This article is based on content contributed by the author for publication in the upcoming book – Fall 2018 – by Hank Nuwer titled Destroying Young Lives: Hazing in Schools and the Military.] “The world will be saved by the western woman.” When the Dalai Lama, who called himself a feminist, made this statement at […]

Listening for Leaders (From “What Leaders Do”)

By: Joe Richardson, Esq. There is constant discussion about leadership in the college space.   Being involved in studies related to interests, sports, student government and Greek life should be a springboard for the accelerated development of leadership skills. While leaders have many noteworthy characteristics, the most important of them may be the ability to listen. […]

Leadership Development That Changes Behavior

By: Tom Healy Two years ago, I decided to develop “Limitless Leadership”, a workshop that utilizes a scientifically-validated behavioral assessment and has students develop their own Personal Leadership Plan. My mission with “Limitless Leadership” was simple: utilize a powerful assessment tool to help students identify how they are uniquely hard-wired as leaders and have them

Do you have Foundational Confidence?

By: Darryl Bellamy JR. Writing the second book might be harder than the first, but when I write something I feel is important I can’t help but share. I’m excited to share a piece of my writing with you as this might apply to something you’re currently experiencing. After reading thousands of fears, I came […]


By: Corey Ciocchetti A perfect way to ponder compassion comes from professor Mason Cooley: “Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves.” Isn’t that a wonderful way to think of it? When we’re compassionate, we stop worrying solely about our lives, our problems, and our to-do lists and begin […]

Unmasking Leadership

By: Rachel DeAlto Eating disorder recoveree. Mom at 20. Divorced. Toxic relationship survivor. These aren’t my typical go-to descriptions when I introduce myself. I tend to lead with: relationship expert, TV professional, entrepreneur, coach, or former attorney. Those are the titles that make me look good, right? The truth is, ALL of those titles define […]

Enjoy this Perfect Present

Just recently I was in the midst of traveling to a speaking engagement during one of Mother Nature’s angriest times. Meaning nowhere in the US was safe from her cold hands. While I was trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B with canceled flights, blizzard conditions and eventually a […]

24 Hours to Live

Each year, thousands of students begin college afraid about what’s to come. Somehow, they think that they’re the only one feeling scared and nervous about what’s next, afraid of failure, and not entirely confident in their abilities. After reading 5,553 fears (and counting), If I had 24 hours to live and could cut all the […]

Headbands of Hope

Jess Ekstrom started Headbands of Hope when she was in college. For every headband sold, one is given to a child with cancer. Recently, she teamed up with Vistaprint to show their DIY Headband Days that they bring to kids with cancer all over the world. Interested in bringing Jess to your campus? Visit

Circles of Grace: Taking Diversity from Head to HEART

By: Justin Jones-Fosu, Speaker Have you ever wondered how one event can happen and yet so many people see it from so many different perspectives? I remember about three years ago I was perplexed by an event, and I saw people on social media taking a whole different perspective. I couldn’t accept the “let’s agree […]

Permission to Screw Up

“Having a young leader like Kristen Hadeed in the world gives me hope for the future. In a world in which numbers often seem more important than people, Kristen remains steadfast in her belief that her people are always her priority.” —Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last   Kristen Hadeed […]

Old Keys Don’t Open New Doors

By: James Robilotta, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker One of the biggest threats to organizational success are individuals who were part of a system or team when it was working in the past. Reason being, these are the first people to say, “This is the way we have always done it.” AKA, the leadership phrase of death. Sometimes, […]

Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Saul Flores, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker Why We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month From our sandy shores to our brightly colored homes, our heritage is rooted in a diaspora of cultures that are spread across Latin America. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage month to encourage students to remember where they came from, where they are, and where they will […]

Few Talk, Many Affected: Changing the Culture About Men’s Mental Health

Dr. Kevin Snyder has presented over 1,150 programs in all 50 states and has been with CAMPUSPEAK for over a decade. He’s also a former Dean of Students, an author with a best-selling book, and a professional speaker with a wealth of unique expertise both in Student Affairs and in corporate America. We sat down […]

Chase an Authentic Life

As an ethics professor and professional speaker on living an authentic life, my advice to students always begins with this remarkable fable: Imagine a racing greyhound named Cash. One warm summer evening, Cash sits outside on the front porch and discusses the future with his owner. The duo is world-famous and financially stable from the […]

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A lot of people get down on college students these days. “They complain too much!” “They don’t want to work!” “They have unrealistic expectations!” “They don’t want to work their way up!” “They can’t handle the pressure!” They are not “resilient,” they say. Even a simple Google search of

How Women Will End Hazing

[This article is based on content contributed by the author for publication in the upcoming book – Fall 2018 – by Hank Nuwer titled Destroying Young Lives: Hazing in Schools and the Military.] “The world will be saved by the western woman.” When the Dalai Lama, who called himself a feminist, made this statement at […]

Listen Up!

When was the last time you really listened to someone? I mean really, truly listened—with no phone in your hand, no earbud in one ear, no inner monologue? Chances are it’s been a while. Listening is an incredibly powerful skill—and an even more powerful tool. By truly listening to someone, you’re ensuring their voice is […]

Headbands of Hope: Celebrating Five Years with Five Important Lessons

April 25th will be the five year anniversary of my college startup, Headbands of Hope. For every headband sold, one is given to a child with cancer. I was inspired to start Headbands of Hope after an internship with a wish-granting organization. I discovered kids losing their hair to chemotherapy and wanting to wear headbands […]

Legendary Leadership: 4 Ideas to Transform Your Leadership from Average to Awesome!

Legends are not born, they are made. To be clear, legendary leadership is not about creating legendary individuals, but rather legendary organizations, movements, and causes. True legends are remembered, not because they focused on themselves, but because they focused on something bigger than themselves. Applying these 4 Ideas will move your leadership from merely average […]

Picking Fights With Strangers (OK, not really.)

  I have an unusual hobby: asking random strangers about warm and fuzzy topics such as religion and politics. Where’s the best place to do that? Airplanes. Airplanes are perfect for such a conversation since your fellow passengers are stuck with you once they’re buckled in. I like to start off with something like, “Hi. […]

Authentic Happiness

Life presents the ultimate challenge – to be authentically happy. Authentic people possess an outer persona that reflects their inner beliefs and character. The face they present to the world mirrors who they truly are deep down. Authentically happy people, in turn, possess and reflect contentment, gratitude, kindness, and joy. They have no need to […]

See something, say something: how confrontation makes us better

    Years ago, there was a student on our team—I’ll call her Julie—who did some strange things while cleaning our clients’ homes. She would try on clients’ shoes, spray on their cologne, play their very old, very expensive and very off-limits pianos (“Mary Had A Little Lamb,” no less), and she even made a […]

Do you even care?

Over the past handful of months, social media has looked like thousands of people all trying to have a “conversation” with their own megaphone.  Most of it was an unproductive hot mess. I would be fascinated to see data about if Facebook posts actually changed people’s minds, or if it just caused us to fall […]

How does one find their life’s passion? By serving others.

Nowadays we are asked to volunteer for many different things – from serving at food banks, to walk-a-thons, to participating in breast cancer awareness events. All of which are important. But while volunteering, we often act mechanically without a thought – except to just to get it over with. To volunteer is to give of […]

The need for conversations on masculinity.

For me, masculinity has always been an interesting concept. I grew up in a military family surrounded by what some might consider ideologies of “traditional” masculinity. My father was stoic and expected achievement. Our lives were heavily ordered, and he served as the primary breadwinner, while my mother was a source of emotional support and […]

Building a legacy through leadership and service.

Service is an integral part of leadership. Not only do student leaders have the opportunity to inspire and guide their fellow students. They can also model the importance of serving our communities, and giving to those in need. Someone who modeled this for me was my mother. Here is a story about her: It was […]

Words Make a Difference

  Recognizing people is one the most important parts of being a leader, and it’s also one of my favorite parts. Praising and complimenting others has always come naturally to me, and I love making people feel good about themselves. But the first time I remember my positive words really making an impact on someone […]

Fill Their Bucket

  As a student of leadership, I’m always looking for pragmatic concepts that I can add to my toolbox, and especially ones that I can incorporate into my keynote speeches. Enter Child Psychology 101. My wife and I have two kids. Roman is four and Sylvia is two. We love them to death, and in […]

The Perfect Love Affair #PLA

      “Love is patient, and love is kind…” or so the story is told. There is a moment when you think about your personal love, and sometimes it leads to warm fuzzy moments or cold realities of the bad decisions you have made in your lifetime. We often find ourselves waiting for someone […]

Leadership Misconceptions: How Extraordinary Leaders Inspire and Lead Differently

  Leadership is… action, not position. transformation, not a transaction. influence, not management. a verb, not a noun. Whether I am speaking to student audiences or corporate organizations, the challenges and frustrations I hear leaders talk about have common threads. The seasoned executive and department manager are very likely dealing with many of the same […]

Tom Healy releases his new book, Limitless Leadership.

  Speaker Tom Healy is passionate about helping students reach their extraordinary leadership potential. For the past seven years, Tom has used his straightforward style to empower students by challenging them, making them laugh and most importantly, helping them thrive as a leader in everything they do! Tom recently released his new book, Limitless Leadership: […]

Lean Into Your Dreams

    Six years ago, in the garage of my old house, I led my very first workshop. There were seven women present who each paid a fee of $59 to attend. This day I gave birth to my first business, bodyheart. When I recently came across the photo (shared below), tears ran down my […]

The #1 most underrated leadership quality & why you need it!

When you think of a leader what do you initially think of? Do you think of a person that is a great delegator, a great communicator and an inspirer? Well one of the most underrated qualities of a great leader is humility. I am sorry that I said the bad “H” word, but it is true. While many leaders […]

5 Secrets of a Go-Getter Girl

  As we look forward to ushering in 2017, several goals and aspirations are in the rearview mirror. Some fulfilled dreams, some unfulfilled. Some exceeded goals, some not so much. Some incredible highs, some backbreaking lows. The go-getter girl in us reflects on the happenings of the past year, and she feels rejuvenated and incredibly […]

The DNA of Extraordinary Leadership: An interview with Dr. Kevin Snyder

Whether he’s speaking to college students or corporate executives, Kevin Snyder engages and entertains audiences by sharing powerful lessons of leadership inspiring them to think bigger, overcome adversity and work together to achieve common goals. Kevin has presented over 1,150 programs in all 50 states and has been with CAMPUSPEAK for nearly a decade. He’s […]

What is Limitless Leadership?

Limitless Leadership is a concept that I developed over the course of a decade working with young leaders. I’ve had the opportunity to research leadership, study successful leaders, draw from my own leadership experiences, and personally observe leadership from awful to amazing. One of the most crucial lessons I’ve learned is that everyone has an […]

What I learned when I proposed

When I was preparing to offer someone a full-time position at my company for the first time, I felt like I was planning a marriage proposal. First, I’d take her to her favorite place for breakfast. Over pancakes, I’d tell her how valuable she is to the company and how happy I am to have […]

When do you ask for help?

I’m half Irish, half Italian, and my mother’s son, so if I’m not stubborn I don’t know what I am. I am not good at paying attention to my body when it tells me to slow down, and I’m even worse at listening to people when they tell me to do the same. If I […]

I Play the Tuba. And I Still Win at Life

There’s nothing valuable about being normal. “Normal” is easy. Normal can be found everywhere. If you could find a diamond just by walking down the street, it wouldn’t be worth nearly as much. The same principle applies to people. Sometimes we have to face the difficult reality that, at some point, we’re all just trying […]

You can’t be kinda committed

The year was 2010. I was 21, I had just finished working my butt off to maintain a 3.5 GPA, while getting my finance degree and running my own cleaning business. It was never my intention to start a company in college (especially a cleaning company), but that’s what happened.   Shortly after I graduated […]

Top 5 Biggest Myths of Leadership

Often in life things are repeated so many times we all just assume they are true, even if they are either partially or completely false.  Having worked with thousands of student leaders and listened to many leadership “experts” I’ve continually heard a number of things about leadership that simply are not true.  I’d like to […]

3 Reasons Why Your WHY MATTERS

Do you know people who wander around on campus not really knowing why they are there? Do you have members who have lost their passion for the organization or have gotten disconnected to the original vision of the organization? Have you encountered people who make horrible decisions over and over and over (you get the […]

Three ways to find your passion

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” — well, I think leadership comes in all personalities. I’ve spent most of my life working on different charity projects and know a few things to be true. The first is, affluence is not a requirement for influence. The second is, you […]

Why college leaders fail

Hypothetical situation. Let’s say your best friend comes to you. You have known this person your entire life. You want them to stand by you in your wedding. You will name your kids after them. You love them more than your family sometimes. This best friend, they tell you they want to take up the […]

Leading imperfectly

I see a problem in today’s developing leaders—they think they need to be someone they are not to get what they want. This mentality negatively impacts the way they communicate and build relationships with their peers, coworkers, and supervisors. Imagine if, instead of trying to spend so much energy trying to be someone you are […]

Leading is a choice

Jon Tasch turns the concept of leadership on it’s head with his empowering perspective. After eight years as a Naval Officer and five years as an FBI Special Agent, I’ve learned a very important concept when it comes to the concept of being a leader: everyone has the ability to be one. There was a […]

Nobody cares

A quick reminder to do a quick test. Imagine: You had a brilliant idea for an event. Naturally, you and your teammates put in ample time, energy, and passion to make it awesome. Three minutes before the event start time, only three people have arrived—your friends who came to support you. Your heart thumps in […]

Are you willing and able?

Got to love the emergency exit row on the plane, A.K.A, “first class for the working class.” I’m what you would call an “extra healthy” American, so I greatly appreciate the extra legroom. Call me weird, but getting my knees crushed milliseconds after takeoff by a rambunctious seat reclined by the 5’2” middle-aged kindle-reading individual […]

The time to build new leaders is now

We’re all very familiar with this situation: an organization that was very weak is now stronger than you could have imagined because of its strong leaders. However, all of these leaders are getting ready to graduate. Now you’re concerned about the future of the organization – will all of its momentum decrease as a result […]

From passive to powerful

This article first appeared on Like many of you, I have been paying close attention to all the news regarding the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of Oklahoma. As someone who visits campuses and speaks to thousands of college students each year, I often think I have heard it all. However, I […]

Leadership sickness

“You sicken me.” If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that such harsh, judgmental thoughts fired off in my student leader brain fairly often. I felt frustrated (enraged?) when others just weren’t as committed about what our organization tackled. If a member lacked the commitment to grab a nice piece of responsibility and […]

Leadership out loud: Life lessons for success

When you think of leadership, is it something you know or something you do? More than likely, it’s both. Many people hold leadership positions, but do they understand what leadership truly means? For more than 25 years, I have learned from incredible leaders. Some of those leaders are accomplished professionals and others are students leading […]

The DNA of an extraordinary leader

DNA is the genetic material in our bodies and nearly every cell has the same form of it. However it’s the sequence of how that material comes together which determines how the body is uniquely built and performs. Leadership is no different than DNA. Like DNA, leadership is comprised of many qualities. How those qualities […]

The DNA of an extraordinary leader

DNA is the genetic material in our bodies and nearly every cell has the same form of it. However it’s the sequence of how that material comes together which determines how the body is uniquely built and performs. Leadership is no different than DNA. Like DNA, leadership is comprised of many qualities. How those qualities […]

Why many student leaders fail and why you(rs) don’t have to

Have you ever experienced this? It is the end of the semester, and the leadership of your organization is getting ready to graduate. What you do not realize (and maybe you do) is that all of the knowledge, successes, and failures that they have accumulated will also be graduating with them and little to no […]

When does something become your responsibility?

“Ha! I told ya so!” “I knew that was going to happen.” “People never listen to me around here.” “That was so-and-so’s job.” “I was waiting for XYZ to happen first.” “Oops.” Ever heard any of these phrases before? Ever said any of these phrases before, out loud or in your head? The answer is […]

Want to dive deeper into your leadership?

We’ve all been there. Something happens and one of our members makes a poor decision – what I like to call an “oops moment.” As an organization leader we’re faced with the choices of holding someone accountable for their actions, maybe even a close friend. This is the situation you’ve been trained on. Or have […]

Face your fears

I was five, and was going swimming with my father. Every afternoon that summer, my family would visit our neighbor’s pool, but today was different. This was the day I would jump off the diving board. I had been dreaming of this for months, but I still felt scared. Two weeks earlier, I had split […]

Leading with purpose

What do you think of when you hear the word “purpose”? Most of us question the purpose of life, our career choices, and even getting out of bed in the morning. But before we identify your purpose, let’s begin with the definition of purpose: Purpose – the reason for which something exists or is done […]

Every (student) leader needs followers

Every leader – student or otherwise – has the same job: get the followers to follow. Your peers must choose to follow you. Think about a strong leader from your past. Something made you choose to follow them. Something convinced you that you’d be better off on their team. They had your support. Titles and […]

Get past yourself and climb a rock

How often do we hear of the five steps to an effective leader? Or how to be a leader for the decade? And on and on… Well those hints are good and at times relevant, but through my outdoor experience of rock climbing I learned more in an afternoon about myself and others than I […]

Innovation in leadership today

By Tim Mousseau The current state of the world is constantly fluid. It is impossible for any organization to survive without constantly changing, adapting to the events around it. With these constant changes organizations must develop skills that allow them to distinguish themselves from their peers. Innovation is at the front of these skills because […]

Communicating diversity correctly

by T. Leon Williams 1) Manage emotions and know your biases and misconceptions One of the first steps in dealing with diversity issues is to understand how your emotions, biases and misconceptions interplay. This is an important first step because as emotions rise around the issue, the intervener/moderator/facilitator/student leader/campus community must have a pulse on […]

We are all called to “be brave”

by Dr. Mari Ann Callais In 2013, Sara Bareilles released a song called “Brave” that caused me to stop in my tracks. I love music with a message and this one really touched my heart. I watched the Brave video and I was even more moved! There were people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, dancing […]

Generation Y: The female factor

by Kristen Hadeed With Women’s History Month around the corner, I’ve been thinking lately about being a female entrepreneur in my generation. I’m what you’d consider a “Gen Y” or “millennial.” Most of you reading this probably are, too. I started a business when I was a junior in college. What began as a stereotypical […]

Two practical ways to INSPIRE those you LEAD

by Justin Jones-Fosu One of the hardest things to do as a leader is to inspire those you lead, especially when they are volunteers. One way Webster’s dictionary defines inspire is, “ to cause (something) to happen or be created.” The challenge is that sometimes as leaders we are causing the wrong things to happen […]

Leadership residency

By James Robilotta Medical doctors spend three to seven years in residency before they are trusted with being an independent doctor. They shadow other doctors; they are mentored and evaluated. Now I’m no doctor, but it seems like a pretty thorough process. What if we stole this model and treated the four to five years […]

Leadership after the New Year

Students are eyeing finals and anticipating their long, homework-free break. After returning from winter break, students have had plenty of time to sleep, eat, reflect and return to their campuses ready to hit it hard! Whether you’re facing new tenures, or beginning to eye bigger responsibilities at elections towards the end of the year, Pete […]

A new voice to Martin Luther King Jr. Day programming

Searching for programs that unite students, faculty and staff across differences for the common good of the community? Meet T. Leon Williams. His passions are witnessing the growth and development of students, and the professionals who work with them, and he might just know a thing or two about uniting unique groups on campus. For […]

Leadership secret: Tough love

By Kristen Hadeed I’m willing to bet you’re going into this thinking “How is Kristen, one of the youngest speakers on the CAMPUSPEAK roster, going to teach me anything about leadership?” I don’t blame you for thinking that. You’re right—I’m only 25, I graduated from college in 2010 and, while I can’t give you my […]

Three ways humility can make you a better leader

by Justin Jones-Fosu When you think of a leader what do you initially think of? Do you think of a person that is a great delegator, a great communicator, an inspirer? Well one of the most underrated qualities of a great leader is humility. While many leaders are focusing on casting a great vision, on […]

Step up and lean in

“I’m passionate about working with students to not only serve as leaders, but to be leaders.” Dr. Mari Ann Callais has been Stepping Up and Leaning In her whole life. Mari Ann believes in the power of taking ahold of the future you wish to have. By implementing this into her own life, she has […]

Why who you know matters in leadership

By Justin Jones-Fosu Have you ever heard of the saying, “its not what you know, but rather who you know?” This saying is somewhat true with leadership as well. Just because you know the most information as a leader, doesn’t mean a whole lot if you do not know the people you are leading. Many […]

Character determines how we face everything

“We’re all going to face tough times in life, we can’t hide from challenges, whether it’s with academics, our social life, our family, or an organization we’re in. It’s how we face these challenges in life that determines who we are, determines our character and determines our happiness in life.” New speaker, Jeremy Poincenot, believes […]

Building new leaders workshop

This workshop helps emerging leaders discover their passion and potential by exploring leadership values and concepts. LEARN MORE HERE >>>

A dork for student leadership

Pete Mockaitis, a leadership junkie, just released his new speaking video! It’s a thrill ride complete with special effects, costumes and great tips for student leaders. Taking your leadership positions seriously still leaves room for silly fun, and Pete will show you how to tackle the most daunting leadership challenges and be as crazy as […]