Sexual Violence Prevention

The need for conversations on masculinity.

For me, masculinity has always been an interesting concept. I grew up in a military family surrounded by what some might consider ideologies of “traditional” masculinity. My father was stoic and expected achievement. Our lives were heavily ordered, and he served as the primary breadwinner, while my mother was a source of emotional support and […]

Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

The key to all effective awareness and prevention campaigns is the spread of relevant information. Through his experience speaking across the country on sexual assault, Tim Mousseau has been asked countless times what type of information campuses should be sharing and how they can best reach their various student populations. Tim wrote the following infographic […]

SPEAK UP Updates

  WE HEARD YOU! Over the past 10 months, we have heard countless Higher Education professionals and Title IX Coordinators insist that current sexual violence prevention programs are falling short. CAMPUSPEAK listened and are now excited to announce the launch of a completely revamped version of SPEAK UP! New program options to expect: Ability to […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

As a survivor of sexual assault, it has been important for me to use my unique voice when attempting to influence the prevalence of sexual assault.  I always make sure to come at my conversation with students and professionals alike from a human perspective, candidly and honestly. From my work on campuses, one of the […]

SPEAK UP against sexual misconduct

I am humbled and grateful to serve as a contributor for CAMPUSPEAK’s sexual misconduct prevention effort, SPEAK UP. Participating in this program allowed me to share my experiences with students with the hopes of helping them to make good decisions in college. While serving as a director of student conduct and conflict resolution, I heard […]

Hear. Me. Roar!

At age 20-something, I was assaulted on the street one night outside of my New York City apartment. Thankfully, I was able to scare him off before he got a strong hold on me. The scarier part came in the days to follow when I asked myself all of the “what if” questions that could […]

It’s time to speak up

When CAMPUSPEAK approached me to be a part of the SPEAK UP program on sexual assault, I knew I had to say yes. I have been passionate about sexual assault awareness ever since I wrote the first draft of my memoir, Controlled, when I was a freshman in college. My book is about a sexual […]

CAMPUSPEAK announces launch of online sexual violence prevention program

AURORA, CO – CAMPUSPEAK announced today the launch of its new online sexual violence prevention education program, SPEAK UP, which promotes participant learning through real stories, told by real people, to create real impact on college campuses. “Facts and role-playing activities are not the effective method to connect with this audience,” said David Stollman, CAMPUSPEAK’s

Retaking our story

I believe in the power of personal stories. Facts do not create change, but stories do. It is a proven truth that information alone cannot create change, but it is something that we often forget when we touch on some of the most difficult topics faced by our peers, students, organizations and communities. Whenever I […]

Retaking our story

Facts do not create change, but stories do. Information alone cannot create change, but is something we often forget when we touch on some of the most difficult topics faced by our peers, students, organizations and communities. Whenever I get asked why I speak on sexual violence prevention, why I feel comfort when opening up […]