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Anna-Shea Beeman

Hazed Series

Anna-Shea is a senior at Saginaw Valley State University studying Graphic Design and is a member of Phi Sigma Sorority.

“I have been blessed to be in an organization that does not condone hazing and ultimately, does not participate. Hazing happens in every kind of organization, not just Greek Life. That is what I wanted to portray in my posters. I wanted to include all the feelings that may be felt in a situation where one would be hazed. The “hazee,” or the individual being hazed, can feel both mentally and physically abused. I have focused on three mental abuses (judged, forced, punished) and three physical (deprived, abused, bruised).”


Kathleen Meriano

Kathleen is a junior at New York University studying Media, Culture & Communications and is a member of NYU Activities Board and was recently elected as Chapter President of Pi Beta Phi at NYU.

“I have had the opportunity to participate in varying student organizations in my time at NYU. None has been more profound than my membership in PiBeta Phi. Although I can attest to the endless benefits of membership, the vast majority of society is only privy to our downfalls, the scandals the media consumes and disappointments that fall upon the community as a whole. It’s incredibly upsetting that stereotypes are perpetuated by careless, harmful actions. Actions that many disagree with in silence, but lack the ability to take a stand, verbalize concerns, and have the courage to be the change.”

Jordan Kuhns

Jordan is a senior Business Marketing major at Illinois Wesleyan University and a proud member of Sigma Pi Fraternity, International.

“Hazing is a rampant issue that needs to be eradicated on all campuses, not only in the United States, but all over the world. There are few things that can cause personal damage both mentally and physically at the same time. Keep messages simple and relatable is going to be one way to reach high school and college students all over due to our increasingly busy schedules and lives.”