Personal Stories of Impact from Mark Sterner’s DUI Keynote

Personal Stories of Impact from Mark Sterner’s DUI Keynote

January 18, 2012

Mark Sterner is one of the most impactful speakers at CAMPUSPEAK as well as on college campuses across the nation. He has spoken to over 2 million college students about the consequences of drinking and driving—leaving them with his unforgettable story.

Mark and four of his best friends, who were also his fraternity brothers, decided that the least drunk would drive everyone home on the last night of their Spring Break. The next morning, three of the men were dead, and Mark lay in the hospital critically injured and facing three felony counts of DUI manslaughter. Instead of being the first in his family to graduate college, Mark ended up as the first member of his family to go to prison for his role in the tragic death of his three friends.

Each year, through Mark’s story on personal tragedy, students realize the honest effects of mixing alcohol and driving. He’s impactful with his words, and by simply sharing his story, rather than preaching consequences, he makes a true and honest connection with his audiences.
Here at CAMPUSPEAK we could talk all day about how influential Mark’s story is but we figure we’ll let the students and the professionals across the nations campuses do the talking.


“Today you (Mark Sterner) came to my school and spoke to us about your tragic story. It really spoke to me and I remember listening to it two years ago when you came to my school. I could listen to it again and again because it really got to me and made me realize bad things can happen to good people… I just wanted to say thank you.”
- Megan, Student, Riverside High School

“Our students at Augusta State University gave Mark Sterner a standing ovation, which showed other staff members from across the campus here at ASU that he really touched their lives in a special way that night.”
- Jessica Haskins, Professional, Augusta State University

“It is incredible that you have the courage to stand in front of several audiences and repeat your story over and over again. Our entire school agrees that it was by far the most effective and influential assembly we have ever had. It made us all think and it was a presentation that I will never forget. Thank you for doing this for everyone because it really impacts the choices we make, and it does make a huge difference.”
- Kristen, Student, Rye High School

“Mark spoke to our new freshman at the University of Kansas. He connected with everyone, and we were all completely captivated by his story. After his presentation, many students came up to him, thanking him for the experience. Mark is an amazing man with an incredible story, and I would recommend him to any group of students.”
- Tali David, Professional, University of Kansas

“I want to thank you [Mark Sterner] for speaking at my school today. At the end of your presentation you said that you would never know if we listened—I want you to know that I plan to listen. It can happen to anyone no matter how smart or how cool or how lucky they are. You really affected us tonight. I hope you will return and continue to change the course of peoples’ actions. Thank you again, so much.”
- Kate, Student, Endicott College

Mark encourages campus professionals to go beyond lecturing about drunk driving to today’s college students. We need to give them the opportunity to understand the real and serious consequences associated with it, and let them be affected enough to help keep themselves and those around them safe. Think of Mark for Alcohol Awareness programming for an impactful and memorable event.

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