What will you do with your seat?

What will you do with your seat?

January 20, 2015

What are you doing with your seat? It’s a question I ask to college students across the country. But what’s the context?

I spend a great deal of time speaking to high school students, some of which attend schools in the rougher areas of many towns. Every place I go a few students come up to me afterwards to chat. Here’s what I hear most often:

“Hey, Corey. I would love to go to a university like the one where you teach. I would give anything but…”

• I could never afford it.
• My parents are in and out of jail so it’s hopeless for me.
• My family is addicted to drugs.
• My friends don’t care about education.
• I’m already working two jobs.

“But man, what I wouldn’t do for a seat at that place!”

This really stirs my emotions every time and prods me to ask you a related question: You have a seat. You’ve been accepted to college. You are a part of a select group of people who desire and are able to obtain an education to make the world a better place. Hundreds of thousands of people would trade places with you in a heartbeat. So…what are you doing with your seat? Are you maximizing your potential in college and making your future alma mater a better place?

My leadership keynotes revolve around ways to maximize your performance in your seat ethically, academically and personally. How can you develop five really strong friendships in college? What does it mean to have character? What problems on your campus could be solved if you could encourage more students (and yourself) to fight for a solution? The message is applicable to Greeks, R.A.s, athletes, student government leaders – anyone who really cares about what it means to live with integrity.

Credit // Author: Corey Ciocchetti

Corey Ciocchetti is passionate about living an authentic life. He connects with students in an encouraging and humorous way and leaves them critically thinking about their lives and place in this world. Corey has a law degree from Duke University and a Masters Degree from the University of Denver. He is currently one of the highest rated professors at the University of Denver where he teaches ethics and law. He is also a nationally renown speaker who has spoken to 700 audiences in 38 states and 140 cities over the past 6 years. Learn more about Corey at