Kevin Snyder

Kevin Snyder will empower your students to become more motivated, more engaged
and more committed to taking action. With over 15 years of professional speaking
experience, his high-energy keynote presentations will entertain and inspire.

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Jeremy Wallace

Jeremy Wallace uses humor to challenge students to make
inclusiveness a serious priority in their own lives and in their
campus communities at large.

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Kristen Hadeed

Kristen was on track to have a pretty typical college experience
until she became a CEO. In the end, it was her biggest failures –
like the day 45 people quit on her at the same time – that taught
her what it takes to become a leader worth following.

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Amber Krzys

Amber Krzys is helping young people recognize and end cycles
of self-criticism, blame, and comparison – for themselves,
their bodies and in their organizations.

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Tyson Wooters

Just as he spent years firing up college football fans as the University of Oregon’s
beloved mascot, The Duck, Tyson Wooters uses his energy to engage student audiences
looking for a fun, meaningful message about student empowerment and leadership.

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