Have you ever seen Shark Tank? Would you like to pitch your idea to solve a campus issue by planning a large educational initiative? What kind of impact could you make on your campus in a particular area? What could you do with $15,000.00 of educational resources to address an issue on your campus? CAMPUSPEAK would like to work with you! Do you have an innovative solution to make change happen, but don’t have the resources to execute all the educational components necessary for a comprehensive approach? PITCH BY CAMPUSPEAK is an opportunity for greater thinkers and doers to gather, formulate new ideas, and pitch their proposal to make a significant impact on their campus. Pitches should be engaging, solution-focused and have a long-term impact on campus. Pitches will be heard at the AFA 2017 conference and the AFLV-Central and West 2018 conferences and projects will be implemented in Fall 2018. Winners of PITCH BY CAMPUSPEAK would receive up to $15,000.00 in CAMPUSPEAK programs and services.


PITCH BY CAMPUSPEAK has been designed for AFA Annual Meeting attendees and AFLV attendees. PITCH teams should be composed of the following: AFA – 1-5 Professionals from the same institution AFLV-Central/AFLV-West – 1 professional and up to 4 students from the same institution

Guidelines for the Pitch

A total of 10 teams will be accepted for PITCH BY CAMPUSPEAK.* Each Team will have the opportunity to create a PITCH that can be up to 10 minutes long. During the PITCH teams will need to present on the following:

  • What is the issue?
  • What is the desired impact on your campus population?
  • How will a CAMPUSPEAK speaker/Interactive Workshop/custom program/online education/consulting impact this issue your campus is facing?
  • Who is the audience you will be targeting to reach?
  • Teams must use four of the five services offered by CAMPUSPEAK
  • Teams will be able to utilize multimedia, PowerPoint, and handouts
  • The winning PITCH team would provide a comprehensive approach to address their campus issue through multiple program offerings by CAMPUSPEAK
  • PITCH will be presented to a panel of four judges

* Upon registration, teams will receive the rules for PITCH.


There will be one winner. Total Value is estimated between $12,000.00 – $15,000.00 and will include the following:

The campus can choose two of the following three educational programs:

  • CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshop
  • CAMPUSPEAK customized program
  • CAMPUSPEAK keynote speaker from our roster providing:
    • one 60-75 minute consultative small group session with campus leadership team,
    • one 60 minute keynote session, and
    • one 60-75 minute Q&A or small group follow-up to keynote presentation.

In addition, the campus will receive:

  • Ready to implement, fully designed, educational awareness campaign including campus customized, branded collateral masters for digital and print duplication
  • Pre and post assessment designed to measure the impact of the educational initiative upon the intended audience
  • Marketing campaign, developed by CAMPUSPEAK, inclusive of digital marketing for the campus to utilize



Registration is now open!


The deadline to apply is:

AFA is November 30, 2017
AFLV-Central is February 2, 2018
AFLV-West is April 2, 2018