Travis Apgar

Travis Apgar has a mission – to abolish hazing. Sharing his own personal experiences, he’s speaking on campuses to inspire others to help end hazing once and for all.

It is Travis’ belief that as a student affairs professional he has a responsibility to get involved in the fight against hazing, and to help provide resources to professionals and students that can help get the job done.

Hazing: The Fallout

As a first generation college student, Travis went off to school not knowing what to expect. The chance to attend college came as a result of his abilities as a high school football player, and when summer camp opened for the football team he was among the first to get the “rookie treatment.” The only thing worse was his fraternity pledging experience.

Travis left college after his first semester, before the school had the chance to kick him out. In his keynote, Hazing: The Fallout, Travis tells his story of the pain and hidden harm caused by his hazing experiences. Travis went on to complete his college career at another institution, and today is the Associate Dean of Students at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Hazing: The Fallout, is a fresh, new look at hazing from the perspective of a victim with a background that contributed to the severity of the impact. Travis’ emotional and powerful story is the perfect way to give your students a wake-up call about the hidden harms of hazing.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the ability to recognize the various forms of hazing,
  • how to non-threateningly start conversations about hazing with others,
  • understand of the full extent the harmful effects of hazing have long and short-term, and
  • ways they can help stop hazing.

“Your talk on campus was incredibly powerful and effective. I had heard that you were a good speaker, and that really was an understatement. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for those, like you, who share their own personal experiences with others to try to make changes. You are the real deal, and I applaud your efforts!”

– Nanette Pasquarello, SUNY, Cortland

“Travis was incredibly engaging! He delivered his presentation in such a way that he shared pieces of his entire story until the end where you were able to put the puzzle together entirely. He also did a great job not lecturing the students, but giving them the truth and then the importance behind challenging and eliminating acts of hazing.”

– Jessica Emig, University of Connecticut

“Travis did a great job of mixing humor with the “heavy” discussions related to hazing. Nearly all of our students were at full attention for the duration of his presentations.”

– Jesse Koch, Bradley University

“Travis Apgar was a very inspiring speaker to have at UW-Madison. His insight into college campuses and touching personal story made a great impact on our Greek community. I would highly recommend Travis to any organization looking for a passionate, motivating speaker.”

– Kristina Pietka, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Travis’s Bio

Travis is an Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds advanced degrees in psychology and education administration and has received national recognition as an outstanding student affair professional.

Educator, writer, and consultant, Travis has been a featured speaker on college campuses and at conferences across the country, working with thousands of students, faculty, administrators and coaches with the goal of putting a stop to hazing.

Considered an authority on hazing prevention, he has contributed to the National Hazing Prevention Week Resource Guide, assisted with the development of the NCAA Hazing Prevention Handbook, appeared in Haze, a documentary released by the Gordie Foundation, and on PBS NewsHour and HuffPost Live.


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