Jennifer Cassetta

Jennifer Cassetta educates students on personal safety, sexual assault prevention and women’s empowerment, with techniques and tools that help them feel strong, safe and confident.

As a national self-defense expert and clinical nutritionist, Jennifer Cassetta has worked with everyone – from college students to celebrities. She motivates them to thrive, both emotionally and physically.

With her fierce humor and practical tools for change, Jennifer empowers students to feel strong and safe, no matter their age, size, gender or ethnicity. Jennifer has been speaking to audiences world-wide about personal safety, self-defense and wellness for over a decade. She has the stories, content and expertise that will captivate and prepare students to protect themselves and stand up for those who cannot.

The Art of Badassery

Badassery is defined as, engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck. With that description alone, what woman wouldn’t want to be a badass? Jennifer Cassetta has put her badassery skills to the test. She survived being at ground zero on September 11th, she’s personally taken on an attacker, and she has suffered some major losses in her life that could have potentially led her down a dark path. She chose to do the opposite. Now, she is challenging the women she speaks with on campuses to do the same. In this motivational and empowering keynote, Jennifer shows students that life does not have to be defined by tragic moments, but instead, by their courage to keep moving forward. With her Eight Principles of Badassery, women will have the tools to look at life differently, embrace who they are without apology and become a strong, female leader.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to apply the Eight Principles of Badassery,
  • how to be more confident and empowered during difficult moments, and
  • how a more positive and determined mindset improves health, safety, and relationships.

Hear Me Roar

After a few dangerous close calls, Jennifer chose to dedicate her life to training in martial arts and providing empowering programs to help enhance people’s personal safety and confidence. In Hear Me Roar, Jennifer tackles sexual assault prevention with an empowering blend of statistics, stories and personal safety and self-defense tips to stand up and fight back. Through this interactive keynote, Jennifer encourages students to tackle taboo subjects like date rape, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. She provides tips on how to be safe wherever you are, whether on campus, on a date, or even walking down the street. Jennifer teaches audience members how to increase their awareness, create personal boundaries and communicate powerfully. In addition, this keynote encourages bystander intervention and creates space for survivors to report, share and heal. If you’re looking for a refreshing take on a critical topic, consider Hear Me Roar for your fraternity/sorority community, new student orientation, or health and wellness event. Want to add an Interactive Workshop to pair with this keynote? Consider adding Stilettos & Self-Defense, for women or Students & Self-Defense for all audiences where students can learn and practice self-defense techniques. See below for more details.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to practice situational awareness, create safe boundaries and communicate powerfully in all areas of their lives,
  • self-defense moves and techniques that can help protect and save lives, and
  • how to assess situations when safety is at risk and encourage bystander intervention.

Stilettos & Self-Defense (or Students & Self-Defense)

Personal safety starts with a state of mind. Stilettos & Self-Defense (or Students & Self-Defense) is an interactive workshop that teaches students how to avoid danger when possible and protect themselves in dangerous situations. Jennifer Cassetta, a national self-defense expert and third-degree black belt, leads an engaging and fun training for audiences of all abilities to learn and practice the ABCs of self-defense: Awareness, Boundaries, and Communication. Jennifer teaches what weapons you have on your body and how to use them to get out of dangerous situations unharmed. Audience members will spend the majority of the program actually learning and practicing real self-defense moves. Stilettos & Self-Defense is a fun and memorable way to raise awareness about a serious subject while learning critical and potentially life-saving tips along the way. Customizable for a mixed gender audience as Students & Self-Defense, this is a great workshop to help educate both men and women on your campus about the importance of personal safety and how to actually use self-defense techniques.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the ABCs of self-defense (Awareness, Boundaries, and Communication) to help stay safe from potential attackers,
  • how to practice and execute a wide variety of self-defense moves and techniques that can help stop assaults and save lives, and
  • ways to educate their peers and community on campus safety and assault prevention.

7 Habits of Highly Healthy Students

Everyone knows that college can be stressful. Pulling all-nighters, skipping meals and worrying about exams can all cause wear and tear on our minds and bodies. In this engaging keynote, Jennifer teaches students how to improve their physical and emotional health in their limited amount of personal time. She shares her personal story of how she went from her unhealthy college habits to 3rd-degree black belt, personal trainer, and nutrition expert, on a national TV reality show. She breaks down the seven most important habits that students can incorporate into their lives immediately. Expanding on simple tips – like the proven importance of hydration, balancing good blood sugar and gut health, Jennifer shares how these healthy habits can help students feel more confident, focused and even get better grades. This program will help all audiences learn the importance of leading an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle, and can also be modified specifically for student athletes.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • what fuels their body so it functions at its best,
  • what foods and habits feed anxiety, lethargy and lack of focus,
  • the three equally important aspects of fitness, and
  • stress relief techniques to lower anxiety, feel happier and more confident.

“Jennifer’s confidence and energy is highly contagious. My peers and I felt very comfortable opening up to her about our insecurities and self-defense questions… she went above and beyond to address both and made sure that we walked out of the workshop feeling stronger, more courageous, and ready to handle any difficult situation.”

– Hailey, Loyola Marymount University

“Hear Me Roar is something every college campus should experience. With a good mixture of humor, and real-world learning experience, I think our Panhellenic Community left the presentation a stronger group of than we were beforehand. It touched me and so many close to me on a personal level, and I think it’s a great step toward stronger, safer, and more empowered women.”

– Lauren Birner, University of Colorado – Boulder

Jennifer’s Bio

After graduating from Fordham University, Jennifer had a couple of dangerous close calls that changed the course of her life for good. From being attacked on a NYC street to running away from Ground Zero on 9-11, Jennifer has first-hand experience at feeling vulnerable and afraid. Luckily, her martial arts training gave her the tools to feel strong, safe and confident and she made it her mission to share those secrets with the world.

Today she’s a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and national self-defense expert. Jennifer attained her third degree black belt in martial arts and received her nutrition training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport. After creating her popular self-defense training program, Stilettos & Self Defense, Jennifer moved to Los Angeles where she consults for major food, fitness and safety brands, speaks to audiences world-wide and is a regular media contributor.

She’s been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, Rachael Ray, Bethenny, and Marie Osmond, while also being published on the Huffington Post, and in magazines such as Women’s Health and Shape and Fitness. Jennifer co-authored her first book, Hear Me Roar: How to Defend Your Mind, Body and Heart Against People Who Suck in 2014. Most recently, Jennifer showcased her Strong, Safe & Sexy plan on ABC’s newest weight loss show, My Diet is Better Than Yours. When she’s not speaking or globe-trotting with her VIP clients, you can find her biking around Santa Monica, petting stray cats or taking in a real life sunset with her husband.


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