Corey Ciocchetti

Corey Ciocchetti

Corey Ciocchetti is an Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. His passion lies in speaking with students on campuses and within their communities about  “authentic success” and living an ethical life.

Corey’s keynotes have a common theme – they encourage and motivate audiences to take a step back and reevaluate their goals. He brings the focus back on chasing after the essentials to any fulfilling life, such as a solid character, strong personal relationships and a sense of contentment. These “real rabbits” are compared and contrasted to worldly types of success such as excessive wealth, popularity, and prestige.

Audiences leave with a better sense of what it takes to develop character, set priorities and gain a big-picture perspective. Corey is an excellent choice for professionally-oriented student groups, fraternity and sorority leaders, honor student programs, emerging leaders symposiums, graduate schools and more.

Inspire Integrity: Chase An Authentic Life

What does a successful life mean to you? A high-paying job, a beautiful appearance, the esteem of others? The world encourages this chase, but it seems we can never get enough of these things to make us happy truly. We regularly encounter people who are richer, more beautiful, or more popular . . . and now we want more. The circle of dissatisfaction continues. But there is hope, a different chase. In his most popular keynote, Corey shares his experience in search of these fake rabbits and breaks down what really matters in life – a sense of contentment, strong friendships with just a few people, and a solid character. People leave this inspirational talk ready to chase authentic success. They are ready to shine as they should . . . from the inside-out.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • how to understand and analyze the three most prominent ethical frameworks of Utilitarianism, Deontology and Virtue Ethics,
  • the ability to make better decisions as campus leaders and in their personal lives,
  • the primary components of an integrity-filled life – a sense of contentment with one’s life, strong relationships with other people and a solid character,
  • ways to chase integrity by adhering to key virtues such as honesty, patience, compassion, pride, and humility, and
  • how to commit to small ways to improve character and to inspire integrity in others on campus.

All In: Motivating the “Lost Generation”

Life is tough! Come to think of it…no one ever promised it would be easy. Many of today’s students, however, are being characterized as “The Lost Generation” because they fail to grasp this fundamental truth. They are more intelligent than ever but lack the spark necessary to excel, problem-solve and achieve their toughest goals. This is unacceptable in an era where this generation is being saddled with staggering social, economic and financial problems.

In this emotional and motivating keynote, Corey lays these hard truths on the table. Students see examples of the so-called lost generation and are asked to compare and contrast these to their own lives. Corey uses powerful examples of the impact young people can have when properly motivated. In the end, audience members are challenged to work together as a team, prove older generations wrong and go “All In.” This keynote is perfect for any leadership event, staff training and any group that is motivated towards a goal.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • the ability to self-analyze motivation level as it relates to their personal and peer relationships, education and life in general,
  • to grasp the concept that a person is part of something larger than himself/herself and compare and contrast it to everyday actions and decisions,
  • to evaluate how priorities fit into the idea of a balanced life, and
  • how to build strategies to motivate themselves and their peers towards worthwhile and authentic goals.

Sportsmanship: Winning with Character

Today’s news breaks your heart. Even the Sports section of our newspaper is as much about drugs, scandal and betrayal than it is about sports. Character and integrity have always been integral to the world of athletics. How people act in the heat of competition speaks volumes about their character. The attitudes and attributes ingrained on the field will carry over into their professional careers long after they take off their uniforms. In this motivating keynote, Corey offers several examples of both sportsmanlike and unsportsmanlike behavior. The interactive discussion hones in on the idea that competing with integrity matters.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • how to discern between positive and negative sportsmanship in college and professional sports,
  • how sportsmanship translates to the other areas of life,
  • to synthesize the character attributes of sportsmanship, and
  • how to evaluate issues that arise when competitive environments collide with ethical standards.

Under the Influence… of STRESS!

Many student leaders are living a very stressful life. How student leaders deal with the stress—and the physical and mental problems a stressful life brings—can dramatically influence their health, their academic performance, their personal lives and their future. In this interactive keynote, Corey gives students the “stress test” and 20 meaningful and fun ways to de-stress their lives. This is the perfect keynote for officer training workshops and for residence life staff who are facing the incredible demands of their unique campus role. Any two of these keynotes may be combined in a single day’s visit for the same price as a single keynote.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • how to evaluate their own stress level using a stress test and categorizations of stress score ranges,
  • to define stress and understand how it can cause both mental and physical damage,
  • understand their major and minor stressors, with an emphasis on ethics,
  • recognize excessive stress and assess how this might manifest both physically and mentally, and
  • 20 tried and true ways to eliminate minor stressors so that they can focus on reducing their major stressors and focus on living an ethical, integrity-based life.

Be a Leader You Would Follow

What type of leader would you follow? Chances are you would pick someone who inspires people to achieve goals and dreams, someone who is an adept listener and problem solver, someone who makes the team stronger through their character and integrity. These leaders stand in stark contrast to what we see daily – people in charge who lack these skills and therefore default to micromanaging or doing all the work themselves when others don’t engage. The good news is that no one is born an authentic leader – it must be honed through experience and the mastery of leadership skills. Corey’s newest keynote pushes you to be a leader you would follow by providing innovative tools to inspire others, attack team dysfunction, seek the greatest good, and muster the courage to lead under pressure.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • how to be a character-filled leader,
  • helpful tactics they can use to be more courageous under pressure,
  • how to inspire others to achieve their own goals and dreams as well as those within the group, and
  • the ethical frameworks used to make moral decisions – such as the greatest good, duty and virtue ethics.

“The students loved your presentation! It is not often that our students agree on anything, but this time it has happened. Thank you so much for your time and effort to motivate and encourage. Your presentation is one that the students will remember and recall when they need uplifting.”

– Lori Vitale, Research College of Nursing

“This was one of the most emotionally intense keynotes I have ever seen. Man, it feels good to be human.”

– Mike Stack, Emporia State University

“Our students were challenged to think about what they do on a daily basis and why they do it. Corey challenged them to think like people of integrity and helped them understand what integrity really is in life. His use of technology enhanced his presentation and the videos he showed brought people to tears. his message is a wonderful one that every college student (and faculty and staff) needs to hear.”

– Lori Vitale, Research College

“I think Corey made a lasting change. I think it helped students refocus on what was important to them. He asked the hard questions and made us evaluate ourselves. Most effective was him relating what he meant to what was going on in our lives. Something college students could relate to.”

– Libby Bates, Butler University

“I just wanted to say thank you for speaking at Research College of Nursing’s convocation today. You were truly inspiring and I wish every single person in my generation got to see and hear your speech. It was powerful, moving and motivational. Everything that you said resonated with me. I truly, truly wish your speech was nationally televised so that everyone could hear your message. It’s a message that needs to be heard. Thank you for making me think today, I know I will remember your speech for years to come.”

– Maddie Rickey, Research College of Nursing

Corey’s Bio

An Assistant Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, Corey is one of the university’s most popular and highest-rated professors. He joined DU after graduating with a law degree from Duke University School of Law, a master’s degree in religious studies and two bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics (summa cum laude) from the DU. In August 2006, Corey won the Charles Hewitt Master Teacher competition at the national meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business and in March 2007, Corey was awarded the Outstanding Professor of the Year award from the University of Denver Alumni Association. He was also selected as a finalist for the 2008 Inspire Integrity Awards.

He currently teaches classes on business ethics, business law, employment law, and constitutional law in a department ranked in the top ten worldwide by the Wall Street Journal for producing students with high ethical standards. Corey also speaks to thousands of individuals each year about “authentic success,” and living an ethical life. He is the author of the book, Real Rabbits: Chasing An Authentic Life. A Colorado native, Corey resides in Westminster, Colorado with his wife Jillian.


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