Ethan Fisher

Ethan Fisher

At the age of 23, Ethan Fisher was sent to prison for committing vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol. Since this horrible accident in 2003, he made the choice to turn his life around.

After three years in prison, Ethan went back to school, earned several degrees with honors and even excelled on the college basketball team. With these tough life lessons under his belt, Ethan decided to become a preventative and motivational speaker for students and student-athletes. He shares his message with students in hope that students will see the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse while also having a clearer understanding of peer pressure, depression, and other mental health topics.

Life CONsequences

Ethan shares his horrific story of committing a vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol at the age of 23 and spending three years of his life in prison. With poor grades, resulting in Ethan being kicked out of several schools and his poor decision-making that led to the death of another person, you would think that Ethan would have given up on his dreams and even his life. But, that’s not what happened. In this keynote, Ethan inspires his student audiences to focus on their academic success, bring more awareness to the consequences of making bad choices, and how it is possible to overcome some pretty tough life lessons.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how the decisions they make affect others,
  • the consequences and risks of abusing alcohol and other drugs and driving under the influence,
  • how dedication, resilience, and determination are key to academic success and life success.

“In my 14 years as the Director of Athletics, Ethan was the most powerful presenter we have seen to date.”

– Donald Dutcher, Herkimer College

“As Ethan described “his story,” others empathized with him as they virtually walked in his shoes through his addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, and the awareness that his decision-making affected someone else’s life. “

– Lisa Kelleher, Deputy Director of Athletics, UNLV

“Ethan ranks among the very best speakers we have encountered. His rawness and genuine emotion on the topics of adiction, suicide, trauma, prison and recovery greatly impacted those who attended.”

– Karissa Kjos, Student Life Coordinator, Williston State College

Ethan’s Bio

Ethan Fisher is a preventative and motivational speaker that works with students and student-athletes. He uses his life story as an educational and precautionary message to help bring more awareness to the dangers of underage drinking and substance abuse. Ethan also touches on the issues of peer pressure, depression, and other mental health topics.

Fisher has turned his life around after committing vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol at the age of 23. Since the horrible accident in 2003, and after three years in prison, Ethan went back to college and not only graduated but did so with numerous accomplishments and achievements. He was the recipient of two college degrees, three minors, graduated summa cum laude, was awarded the Entrepreneurship Student of the Year and was the recipient of the President’s Award. He then furthered his education and received a master’s degree with honors.

While finishing his undergraduate degrees, Ethan continued to beat the odds by playing college basketball at the age of 27 while he was an inmate of the Colorado Department of Corrections. With a bulky ankle monitor, curfews and random parole officer house check-ins, he still managed to be recognized as an All-Conference and Most Valuable Player (MVP). All while playing in less than 50% of the games, due to his inmate status and travel restrictions.

During this time, Ethan caught the attention of his soon-to-be mentor, Tommy Spaulding, a world-renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author. Tommy released his second New York Times best-selling book, The Heart-Led Leader, which “hit #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon business and top ten New York Times national bestseller lists. It was the #1 best-selling business book in America.” Mr. Spaulding included an entire chapter on Ethan and his desire to help students and student-athletes across the country.

Fisher has dedicated his life to preventing others from making similar mistakes and inspiring individuals to overcome any obstacles that they may face. Ethan founded Life CONsequences as a platform to not only inform but ultimately prevent young impressionable middle school, high school, and students from making life altering decisions.


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