Adam Giery

Adam Giery believes the power student leaders possess can positively impact and transform their campus.

As a student, Adam started with a big idea to change his community and it launched his career. With his passion for education, Adam engages with governors, senators, industry leaders, and Fortune 500 companies in pursuit of one goal – transforming education. Sharing his experiences, he challenges students to think critically about hazing, college to career success, and the value of creating their own path.

The Last Man Out

At the very core of hazing, there is the belief that it creates a bond necessary to achieve brotherhood or sisterhood. In Adam’s keynote, The Last Man Out, he shares his story about living alone in his fraternity house after a hazing incident resulted in shutting down the whole chapter. Adam speaks about the sixty days he spent assisting in the closure of an organization that had taught him about being a “man.” Adam addresses the real costs associated with hazing and the value of true brotherhood/sisterhood. By the end of this program, students will learn that the decision to haze did not make his chapter stronger, but rather, tore it apart.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to challenge the perceived value of hazing,
  • how to differentiate between brotherhood/sisterhood and bullying,
  • how to feel empowered and take ownership of their chapters,
  • how hazing rituals leave a lasting negative impact, and
  • how to live the real values of fraternity & sorority life.

Don’t Follow the Leader

The first step to becoming an on campus leader is making the decision not to be a passive member of the student body.  Adam believes everyone is capable of creating change so long as they are ready to lead. As an undergraduate student leader, Adam created several national and international award-winning programs designed to improve the quality of life for his student body. These programs changed his campus and the course of his life. In his keynote, Don’t Follow The Leader, students will have the opportunity to re-evaluate their motivations for the actions they take on campus as a leader. Adam will inspire and offer ways that student leaders can push the boundaries of leadership and create lasting change within their community.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the common threads amongst campus leaders,
  • how to understand their personal motivations and the impact of their actions as a leader,
  • how to discover areas for direct campus engagement,
  • how to engage in tangible ways to create near-term change, and
  • how to synthesize the impact made on both the individual and community level.

“The students enjoyed Adam’s presentation. He was very straightforward but was able to speak with the students rather than speak at them. He customized a lot of his presentation to ensure he spoke about SCSU related items. He told honest stories and was able to engage our students throughout the presentation.”

– Eric LaCharity, Associate Director of Student Involvement & Leadership Development, Southern Connecticut State University

Adam’s Bio

Adam Giery is a speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur, dedicating his life to the field of education. Adam’s passion for education is founded on the personal impact his teachers had on his life after helping him overcome a learning disability. Adam engages with governors, senators, industry leaders, and Fortune 500 companies to advocate for education reform. Adam’s experience in the education field started as a classically trained educator, certified in social sciences secondary education. While earning his master’s degree in higher education policy studies, Adam developed several award-winning programs centered on student support services, sustainability, and professional skills within a higher education institution. These programs were replicated nationally, earning Adam a Gubernatorial Fellowship and his university’s highest honor, the Order of the Pegasus. Adam is a proud alumnus of the University of Central Florida. As a student, Adam served as a three-term senator and as the Director of Campus Life for the Student Government Association. Adam is a proud brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, where he served as the chapter’s Vice President. In his personal time, Adam is an avid traveler, having flown one way around the world. Adam is also a proud husband and father to an opinionated Boston Terrier.


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