Jake Byczkowski

A conversation about alcohol doesn’t have to be a one-way discussion or a condescending lecture of what not to do.

Jake Byczkowski (biz-cow-ski) approaches the topic with healthy humor and relatable stories, and he changes the way students think about the culture of alcohol that many rely heavily upon in college. Opening up the conversation surrounding the alcohol culture on college campuses, Jake discusses with students the problems they experience as a result of alcohol, and he creates a platform where students won’t fear being labeled or condemned by their peers.

“Jake was exactly what we were looking for. His age, appearance and experiences made him very relative and easy to relate to our college club sports athletes that practice similar behaviors as to what Jake had discussed. He presented a very effective message with humor and stories.”

– Jessica Orlowski, Ohio University

Solo Cup Culture: Minimizing the Risks of an Alcohol-Soaked Campus Climate

In college, Jake fully immersed himself in the drinking world. He was a DJ, a fraternity member and a representative for Red Bull, throwing parties all over the state of Ohio. Not only was he participating in college partying—he had a unique, bird’s eye view of the college drinking community. While serving in these roles, Jake found himself in many harmful situations as a result of his alcohol consumption. After many dangerous encounters that caused concern for Jake and those around him, he began to question his behavior, as well as the behavior of his friends and peers.

In his keynote, Jake asks, “Why do many college students continue to drink even after experiencing alcohol-related harm?”

Jake shares with students his personal journey to discovering his own drinking problem, and reveals how he created a solution specific to his own needs. He challenges the conventional definitions of common terms associated with alcohol abuse, such as “problem drinking” and “binge drinking.” He sheds new light on these topics and brings a modern twist to the discussion of harm reduction. Jake’s message is not that alcohol is bad; rather, the harm and danger that can come along with it is the problem.

Jake calls every student into action, regardless of level of abuse or abstinence from alcohol. He mobilizes students to create a communal movement against alcohol-related harm. Through interactive discussions on topics like bystander intervention, to what “problem drinking” really means, Jake intends to utilize the millions of intelligent minds on college campuses to create a new culture, where responsible use of alcohol and safety are priorities.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the ability to recognize alcohol-related harm,
  • understanding the consequences of drinking alcohol,
  • how to build a call to action and their duty to help end harmful alcohol culture, and
  • the newfound passion for personal understanding regarding alcohol and alcohol culture.

Jake’s Bio

Jake understands all too well today’s college party culture. He is a 2011 graduate of The Ohio State University and a brother of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. In 2012, Jake began speaking to college students of all ages and experience levels, helping them to understand the importance of making safe decisions surrounding alcohol.