Justin Jones-Fosu

Inspiring students to take their vision and put it into action to energize their college communities and their lives.

If you are looking for a young, dynamic speaker who will motivate and inspire your students, then consider Justin Jones-Fosu. Students emerge from his programs excited, energized and ready for the challenges that face them in your college community. Whether he’s speaking to a small group of 15, or an auditorium of 1,500, students will be impacted by his energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. He is very passionate about helping students do the right things and formulate action plans for their lives and campus communities. “I’m all about students taking action in their lives,” Justin said. “When they take their vision and put it into action, they are better leaders, more effective communicators and agents for change in their campus community and in their world.”

“Justin’s passion was absolutely evident in his session speeches. To be honest, almost all of the NGLA leadership discussions sing the same song. However, Justin’s speech about being an ACTion HERO brought forth new dynamics to being a successful leader in a Greek Community. Keep it up, Justin!”

– Pat Zailckas, Bucknell University

“Justin was very personable and he instantly felt like the best-friend the students never had before. Having Justin deliver his keynote about collaboration has had tremendous effects already on our campus. I am still receiving emails with student organizations looking forward to collaborating with each other this year. Justin is an amazing speaker and he truly does inspire those who witness his keynote addresses!”

– Mark Campbell II, Kalamazoo College

“Justin was our keynote speaker and diversity speaker at our Transition Summit. The students fell in love with him. He was highly interactive, and hit on critical issues that made sense to our students. His presentation inspired and empowered our students and they have stayed in contact with Justin after the program. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND bringing Justin to any campus where the outcome is to inspire students to create action plans. A five star speaker!”

– Bob Kerr, Oregon State University

WHY Matters NOW: How Purpose and Passion Inspire Meaningful Success

Do you know of some students on your campus or in your organization(s) lacking focus or motivation? Do you ever feel like you have misplaced the passion for why you joined or chose to serve an organization in the first place? What would it look like to have more students on campus and in organizations that are focused, motivated, and committed to meaningful success? Justin is ready to inspire your students toward that reachable reality, and to keep them effectively engaged while doing so! In this inspiring and personal keynote, Justin challenges students to identify or reconnect with their why (purpose) and to live it out now (passion) in order to achieve meaningful success. Too much focus on the “why” can lead to great reflection with little to no action. Too much focus on the “now” can lead to impulsive and ultimately bad decisions. Learn how a clarifying blend of both can lead to more engaged students, impactful leaders, and ultimately thoughtful global citizens. This keynote is funny, thought provoking, practical, and inspiring. It’s perfect for new students, new members, Greek Week, or any leadership event!

Learning Outcomes

  • As a result of attending this program, students will:
  • Learn how developing clarified values and principles enable them to more effectively lead themselves and then others
  • Understand their position in the Why Now Quadrant and how to grow in pursuing what matters in their collegiate and organizational lives
  • Grow in their ability to courageously combat the distracters of their “why” and “now”, and learn how to have intentional accountability to increase their goal achievement
  • Commit to suggested small opportunities to take initiative and ownership of their journey to be better students, leaders, and world-citizens
  • Understand the significance of their now moment to consistently learn, develop meaningful relationships, and impact change on campus and in their organizations

Be an ACTion Hero: 4 Traits of Super Successful Student Leaders

Don’t settle for just being a student leader. Be a super successful one! If you’ve ever felt ineffective in your leadership role, it probably came from engaging in the wrong ACTions at the wrong time. Learn what super successful student leaders do and don’t do. This presentation is jam packed with information that will change the way you lead. This program is funny, energy packed and interactive. Perfect for student governments, student activities, leadership conferences and more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the differences between an average student leader and a super successful one.
  • Understand five ways to implement change in your student organization.
  • Understand how to interact successfully with those you lead, leaving a legacy that empowers those who come after.

Hug an Elephant, Kiss a Giraffe: Redefining Diversity in Everyday Life

Tired of the generic and boring diversity programs? Justin is, too! Sometimes we have made diversity conversations so complex that people have missed its simple core and foundation. Diversity has also been made into a holding hands exercise where everybody agrees, but it really is more about authentic listening, being open and respecting others even when we don’t agree. We’ve been talking about “diversity” for the last two decades, and it’s lost its meaning. Justin has pondered how we can hit some of the basics while still honoring the complexity of today’s conversation, and he’s discovered it’s all about learning to hug an elephant and kiss a giraffe. Using music, movement and a substance-packed presentation, Justin will give your student audience an experience they’ll never forget! They will have fun while realizing the power that a diverse, engaged, socially-just college environment offers, and they will understand their role in helping to create an environment where everyone matters and feels empowered to shape their landscape. This diversity conversation is much better with Justin’s unique blend of high-energy, humor and practical content. Go ahead—open those arms wide and pucker up!

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basic language of diversity at its foundational core and the newer concepts like inclusiveness and social justice
  • Increased willingness to embrace the benefits of a highly diverse campus community.
  • An understanding of how each person can take an active role in creating an inclusive college community.
  • An understanding of the four different social styles and how to use them in everyday life
  • A readiness to take responsibility to communicate differences respectfully

A Bigger Pie: Building Collaboration in the Greater Campus Community

Would you rate the organizations on your campus as being more competitive or collaborative? If your campus is like mine was, then the fraternities and sororities may get along on the surface, but behind closed doors (and sometimes not so behind) there are divisive rivalries and unhealthy competition. Maybe it is a social club/organization that is having a program that seems quite similar to another program across campus and either one event has all the people, or people are split between the two events (assuming the campus community is interested in the event at all). Well your campus may not have embraced an appreciation for greater collaboration. So you may be wondering, well shouldn’t our organizations still have competition? They should, however, unhealthy competition should never erode the progress of effective collaboration. Have amazing fun learning how to see and act with great campus collaboration! This program is perfect for leadership conferences, retreats and Greek Week. * Ask about this Keynote for ALL organizations OR the Fraternity/Sorority community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Transition from unhealthy competition to purposeful collaboration by addressing individualism, versus collectivism and abundance versus scarcity
  • Avoid bad collaboration to achieve collaboration that has a positive impact on your campus
  • How to stop fighting over the pie, and work together to create a bigger pie
  • Create a shared vision that is bigger than just one organization
  • Create informal/formal networks to encourage collaborative communication

The Freshman 15: What Every Successful College Student Should Know

You’ve probably heard about the “Freshman 15.” While it’s certainly important to watch what you’re eating those first months in the dining hall, there are plenty of other ideas you need to “ingest” if you want to start college off right. In this keynote, Justin will drop 15 pounds of knowledge, success and perspective on you! You will laugh and look at things differently, helping set the stage for big things in your first year at college. You’ll be out of your seats and having fun in this program perfect for new students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of how to focus on success while focusing on your new friends.
  • Stop managing time; start leading your life.
  • Simple things you can do every morning and every night to maintain a success focus.
  • Small things you can do academically to keep things going strong in that area of your life.
  • How to set yourself up for a powerful transition to life after college.

Justin’s Bio

In 2015 Justin was voted as a “HOT ACT” by Campus Activities Magazine and in 2008, Justin was named one of Ebony Magazine’s “30 Young Leaders Under 30 On the Rise.” He is an author, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a professional speaker. He is the author of two books the most recent focusing on Values Based Success. While in college, Justin was a fraternity leader, president of three campus organizations and served on the SGA Executive Board. He has earned his MBA focused on Leadership and Organizational Learning and is passionate about combining high-energy, humor, and practical content in all of his presentations to help students reach their goals, achieve better results, and become better leaders.