Amber Krzys

Amber Krzys is helping young people recognize and end the cycles of self-criticism, blame, and comparison – for themselves, their body and their organizations.

Amber Krzys is a professional coach and speaker who left a Broadway career to form her own company, bodyheart. She is committed to supporting students in living their best life, rising to their fullest potential and getting out of their own way.

From Body Hater to Body Celebrator

Most students believe their body isn’t good enough. They think changing it (making it taller, thinner, stronger) is the key to their happiness and success. This is the fundamental misunderstanding that is blocking them from the exact experience they seek. Amber knows, because she has lived it.

In this inspiring keynote, she shares how her obsession with making her body better destroyed relationships and even the joy of reaching her childhood dream of working on Broadway. She was a prisoner in her own life, who ultimately broke free. Now, Amber is helping students embrace what’s special about them, instead of what they perceive as inadequate. (To enhance this experience, add-on a bodyheart photoshoot. See below for details.)

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • that their body isn’t the key to their happiness,
  • how obsessing about their body inhibits them from having the success they want,
  • how their body can be their friend, and
  • a clear action plan to support themselves.

Your Body Talks…

You can take a class to learn French. You can take a class to learn chemistry. You can take a class to learn yoga. But, you can’t take a class to learn the language of your body. Your body is communicating with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But, are you paying attention? What does that headache mean? Or that anxiety and overwhelming feeling you seem to always have? Why do you have to get sick to slow down and rest?

In this keynote, Amber will teach audiences how to listen to what their bodies are saying. She believes your body is your best friend and can be the greatest ally in life. Audiences will learn a specific skill set to foster this relationship so that they can stop constantly fighting, denying and ignoring their bodies and start celebrating it as the gift it is meant to be. (To enhance this experience, add-on a bodyheart photoshoot. See below for details.)

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how their body talks on the physical, mental and emotional levels,
  • ways to apply the four foundational qualities of a successful relationship (love, communication, respect and trust) to their relationship with their body, and
  • resources to help them feel supported and to provide support to others around body image.

What Do You Really Want?

What do you really want? And, more importantly, why do you want it? When was the last time you asked yourself that question about yourself or your organization? Do you want to ace your exams just for the A? Do you want to lose ten pounds just to say you did? Do you want to be part of a fraternity or sorority “just because”? Probably not. There’s something deeper at play–and that is your point of power, this keynote focuses on just that.

Based on Amber Krzys’ TEDx Talk, this session will touch on the paradox of desire. Amber helps students understand the paradox, which is how often we seek fulfillment “out there,” when really the best way to have anything you want is to start from within. What if you could have more confidence, freedom, and joy right now—without anything in your life changing on the outside? Amber’s keynote will help illuminate how to release the potential for success you’ve always had within.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the importance of thinking critically about the motivations for the decisions they make,
  • how to determine where their motivation is coming from (Is it to prove something to someone else? Or, to contribute to the betterment of themselves or others?), and
  • a new way to find and experience fulfillment, confidence and happiness – that isn’t dependent on their external circumstances.

Are You a Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty Leader?

Great leaders believe everything is “figureoutable.” Great leaders inspire. Great leaders empower their community and encourage them to stretch beyond their comfort zone. Did you know there is one underlying, learnable skill that enhances great leaders in a powerful way? It also happens to draw people in and make them want to listen to you. That one skill is optimism. Something you’ve probably never given much thought to, AND has the power to truly impact your ability to be a great leader. Optimists are more effective at everything. They excel in school, have better jobs, make more money, and even live longer.

In this keynote, audiences will learn the detriment of pessimistic thinking and five ways to become more optimistic.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the value of possibility thinking vs limitation thinking,
  • how to create partial solutions when complete solutions aren’t available,
  • the importance of down time and renewal time,
  • how to interrupt their negative trains of thought, and
  • how to heighten their powers of appreciation.

bodyheart Photoshoot

As a perfect add-on to one of Amber’s body image keynotes, your campus can help students experience what it’s like to know their body is enough today through a bodyheart photoshoot. Open to men and women, this exciting opportunity brings Amber or one of her professional photographers to campus to document the day! Drawing hearts on faces and body parts that need love or are loved, Amber and her photographer capture the magic with clarity and creativity.

Amber Krzys

Amber Krzys

Attendees walk away with a sense of empowerment and with that feeling caught in a lasting image they’ll always remember. Releasing the photos via Facebook, Amber creates both a campus and an online community for students to help lead and support each other in the crusade against poor body image. Benefits to hosting a bodyheart Photoshoot include:

  • allowing students to stand in the experience and feeling that their body is enough right now,
  • anchoring the keynote presentation with additional time for each student to participate in one-on-one time with Amber and her message, and
  • providing a call back to the presentation following Amber’s visit, helping students to reconnect what they’ve learned and have a tangible touchstone to their experience.

Learn more about the bodyheart campaign in the video below.


“I really appreciated Amber’s keynote. It was engaging and positive and I’m pretty sure every girl left that room feeling a little bit better about their self-images, if not inspired to work towards body peace of their own. I was so impressed with the entire experience and am grateful that you came to our house for Fat Talk Free Week. You left a lasting, positive impression.”

– Megan Ladd, University of Southern California

“Spearheading Fat Talk Free Week was unbelievably rewarding; I wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing. Seeing how much fun everybody else was having made me feel great. I loved that I was able to bring such a wonderful event to the sisters of my chapter. Overall, a HUGE THANK YOU for coming to our house. I am beyond enthused and appreciate you coming more than you know!”

– Chelsea-Anne Cymrot, University of Southern California

“The amount of positive feedback I got about your talk just keeps pouring in. Everyone there really got something out of it. Along with myself. You inspired me. Everything you said about your journey has reminded me a lot of mine throughout high school and has shown me how far I have come and how I can continue to improve. I thank you for that so much. It really allowed me to take some time to self reflect.”

– Kara Hemsley, Rockhurst University Panhellenic President

“Those of us that attended Amber’s keynote found her message to be a very unique and relatable way to address what can be an overwhelming and intimidating topic. Her program is thought provoking and inspiring to collegiate women and could be in a variety of audiences on any campus. The collegiate women responded well to her facilitation style as her program creates a comfortable environment and introduces a message that is easy to relate to.”

– Jackye Brown Clarke, Tri Delta National

Amber’s Bio

If you can’t pronounce Amber’s last name, that’s okay. It’s pronounced “Kris”, which is pretty simple. Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Amber always knew she wanted to perform on Broadway. She chased her dream and landed there, performing to sold-out crowds every night, only to discover she was still unhappy. She reevaluated her path, and made some major revamps to her relationship with her body, and built a thriving business called bodyheart. Now located in Los Angeles, Amber lives with her two awesome pups and helps people change their lives for the better as a coach and speaker. She believes that inside everyone is a desire to rise to their fullest potential and to live beyond their wildest dreams.