David Stollman

Are your fraternities and sororities held back by chapters and members who don’t get it or who just don’t care? Do you have members who are there for the wrong reasons?

Well, it’s time to drag them, push them, fine them, beg them or dare them to attend one of David Stollman’s keynotes.

Buy In or GET OUT!

Too often, good leaders and good chapters are not able to succeed because they are too busy cleaning up after the ones that don’t get it. Much of the time organizations are fighting against the negative image these members create. Imagine how much more could be accomplished if they were part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

David Stollman is ready to take the wheel will say the things that you wish you could.

Let him confront them in his funny, interactive and moving style. His message will inspire those that want to care about the core values of Fraternity and Sorority Life—fellowship, service, leadership and scholarship, and he will challenge your members to embrace the best and get rid of the rest. This keynote will touch on topics that range across all major issues facing today’s members.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:

  • have renewed motivation to live up to their ritual’s teachings,
  • have a better understanding about the degrading effect perpetuating negative stereotypes have on the Fraternity and Sorority Life community,
  • understand their role in breaking stereotypes, and holding others accountable to do the same, and
  • remember that their brother or sister is their personal responsibility, and that communities are responsible to, and for each other.

Drop the Drama

Drama. Aren’t you sick of it?!

What if more members were capable of having honest and difficult but necessary conversations? These “soft skills,” like the ability to have critical conversations, to confront others without negativity and to receive critical feedback are prized by employers. Training students now will positively impact your organization and prepare members for future success. In this keynote, David helps students learn the fundamentals that help build more respectful, caring and authentic communication strategies among individuals and within their communities.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to use effective confrontational skills,
  • how to receive critical feedback, and
  • how to create a positive communication culture within an organization.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Recruitment Programs

Not “Quantity vs. Quality,” Quantity AND Quality! In the Fraternity and Sorority Life world, it’s often survival of the fittest. Some fraternities and sororities thrive, while others hang near extinction. Struggling groups need to approach member recruitment in new ways in order to survive. You are what you recruit.

David brings consulting experience with nearly 350 Fraternity and Sorority Life systems nationwide, to help students improve their ability to recruit today’s complex student achiever. With his help, chapters have quadrupled their memberships, and increased their bid acceptance by more than 50 percent. Topics such as risk management, hazing and new member education are part of his holistic approach to member excellence.

David truly relates to his audiences, using humor and real-life scenarios to help members understand how to better market the product of “fraternity.” His keynote, Fraternal Darwinism: The Evolution of Greek Life, is the answer for fraternity or sorority chapters or entire systems that have grown stagnant. David makes sure you never have to say “Oops!” about a member again. David is available for all-day workshops or for shorter keynote sessions. He is also available to consult with fraternities and sororities for longer consultations, which include several visits.

“In a matter of just a few hours, David was able to get buy in from students that I’ve been working two years to get. His direct approach made them look seriously at what they could do better, and they are completely motivated to get going!”

– Caitlin Roberts, CSU, Long Beach

“David Stollman really opened some eyes during his presentation. He gave our community the swift kick in the rear that it needed and I see it being a lasting effect at Florida Tech.”

– Jonathon Perout, Florida Institute of Technology

“David definitely placed the foundation to our next step in creating a better Greek Community here at Radford University. Every participant had something to take back to their Council and their organization.”

– James Cho, Radford University

“I think that he had amazing ideas about mundane things that people don’t even think about changing normally. The students got a lot out of it, and almost didn’t realize that they were learning things, because they were having so much fun along the way.”

– Heather Shohet, Willamette University

David’s Bio

After serving on the staff of the North-American Interfraternity Conference for two years, David Stollman has continued working with fraternities, by speaking on campuses around the country. He has facilitated workshops on over 500 campuses and has also served on the faculty of numerous university and fraternal leadership conventions.

David has been an active volunteer of his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, serving in the roles of a chapter counselor, District Governor, Balanced Man Steward, and Member of the Educational Foundation’s Board of Governors. In addition to work with Sig Ep, David served for ten years in the NYU chapter of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority as a chapter advisor.

In addition to co-founding CAMPUSPEAK, David created Recruitment Boot Camp. In the last 10 years, RBC, now called LaunchPoint Solutions, has helped over ten thousand fraternity and sorority chapters, as well as hundreds of communities across North America to recruit better and more members. He was a co-founder of HazingPrevention.Org, and was named an emeritus member of their board after serving as their Treasurer for four terms. He additionally served three terms on the Association of Fraternity & Sorority Advisor’s Foundation Board of Directors.

David is the 2004 recipient of the prestigious Anson Award from the Association of Fraternity Advisors for his work advancing fraternal movement. Sigma Phi Epsilon and the University of Maryland have both recognized David as a distinguished alumnus. He is also a Crown Degree recipient from the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority; designating him as a trusted patron for his service and educational support. In addition David was honored by Phi Mu Delta Fraternity with their highest recognition for a non-member, the Ron Jury award, as well as the Alpha Sigma Tau McCrory Order of Interfraternity Excellence for “exemplifying the finest tradition of fraternal service.”

A proud Maryland Terrapin, receiving degrees in both Government and Communications, David still calls Philadelphia home, but now lives in South Florida with his wife, his 6 year-old and twin baby boy and girl. Fraternal twins of course.


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