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One of our most popular speakers presenting a variety of practical keynotes on Greek and college life.

Students from all corners of the country have called upon Rick Barnes to deliver powerful messages in a practical, approachable style. Rick works hard to appeal to students' common sense and their basic desire to make the most of their college leadership experiences. Rick has been a featured speaker on 2,000 college campuses!

I think Rick was able to really captivate the audience unlike any other risk management speaker I've dealt with. He was able to hit points that made the audience laugh but he still kept in mind the nature of the topic and was able to relate everything back together.

Kristine Garcia-Cartaya, University of Central Florida

Rick was able to connect with both the collegiate and alumni members of the audience. He had everyone engaged and laughing throughout the performance. The collegiates in their reports to the conference pulled phrases that he had used so I know that they were listening.

Jennifer Klafeta, Delta Omicron

Rick was absolutely amazing! He was so engaging and had a ton of great information that was so relevant. His session was my favorite and he is probably one of my top favorite speakers ever, and trust me, I've seen a lot of people. Bring him back!

Student, University of Cincinnati

Rick was great about connecting with the audience. There wasn't a single moment in his presentation that the audience couldn't relate to in some way. It was funny and informative, and all who attended really got a lot out of it.

Benjamin Cox, DePauw University

Drink Think: A Personal Approach to Alcohol

Alcohol is the most widely used and misused substance in our colleges and universities today. Alcohol is no stranger on campus. Alcohol problems are no stranger on campus either. This keynote goes beyond the rules and regulations, and addresses the personal choice concerning alcohol use. This is a fun, interactive, yet serious discussion about alcohol use on campus.

• Acknowledgement that alcohol can become a serious issue when misused.
• Recognition that many reasons students give for drinking seem silly when we are sober.
• Understanding of changes we experience with alcohol use and possible negative consequences.
• Confrontation of myths about alcohol use and abuse.
• Validation of the personal choice not to drink.

Note from the speaker:

This is currently my number one program! If you have been looking for a solid general alcohol education and responsibility keynote that speaks to the realities of today’s students, this is it. “Drink Think” is a perfect keynote for new students, fraternities and sororities, convocation, athletes, alcohol awareness week or simply as a general student health and wellness presentation. Don’t forget about National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week!

The Evolution of Leadership

The world is full of speakers educating audiences of leaders on how to lead. The Evolution of Leadership is unique in that it focuses on the growth and development of leadership rookies, veterans and even followers. It’s a comprehensive look at the possibilities that exist when members of an organization embrace one another’s strengths and talents, build a tight-knit community and share the wealth.

The Evolution of Leadership is based on the idea that leaders evolve—they begin as joiners, become appointed to positions, are then elected and are then in a position to grow as a leader. In short, followers are not to be ignored in this process—all leaders need to start somewhere. “Leaders are always getting worse or getting better,” Rick says. “Once a leader gets to a position where they’re truly excelling, it’s time to raise the bar.” This cycle of growth and improvement is what The Evolution of Leadership is all about.

Through Rick’s trademark honesty and matter-of-fact humor, he empowers students—both self-identified leaders and followers—to raise the bar.

• Recognition that we all have an opportunity to be a leader.
• Acknowledgement that the “why” in our organizations is much more important than the “what.”
• Challenge to recognize that the best leaders do for others more than for themselves.

Living the Dream of Our Founders

Fraternities and sororities have existed on American college campuses for more than two centuries, shaping the experiences of millions of men and women. Today, there is fiery debate between advocates of the fraternity/sorority experience and those who feel it’s become more harmful than beneficial. Truth is, when we live up to the dreams of our founding fathers and mothers, our communities provide one of the best leadership and values-building experiences available to a young man or woman today. But, that takes a deliberate commitment to building diverse and relevant fraternities and sororities that work together, add to the campus and fulfill their stated missions.

In this keynote, Rick addresses all the various groups that make up our rich community, challenging everyone to collaborate toward higher performance and standards for everyone who wears letters. Let’s get serious about living the dream of fraternity and sorority, let’s have some fun doing it and let’s move the conversation back to what’s good about fraternity and sorority.

• Recognition that the reasons you joined your group are not the same reasons why you stay.
• A better understanding of the role you play, specifically through recruitment, member ed, risk management and living the ritual.
• Consider the basic questions: “Would your founders be pleased with how you live? Are you living their dream?”

Hazing: When Will it End?

This keynote takes an honest look at hazing, the problems it causes and the reasons it continues to exist on campus. Participants are challenged to take a serious look at how they work with their newest members. Hazing definitions are covered. Organization principles violated by hazing are highlighted. Necessary changes in moving from historical training of new members to a more contemporary role of new member education is addressed.

• A better understanding of what “hazing” actually is.
• Recognition of local/state laws surrounding hazing.
• Alternatives to hazing that build better, more committed members.

Note from the speaker:

This keynote is generally presented to fraternity and sorority audiences. However, I have a version that is language-specific to student-athletes. Don’t forget about National Hazing Prevention Week!

Building the Whole Athlete

In this keynote, intercollegiate athletes are challenged to excel in their given sport as well as in life. The positive development of the individual, including intellectual, spiritual, social and moral are covered, in addition to physical, which is already such a major factor for student-athletes. This keynote is targeted to student-athletes, trainers, athletic directors, coaches and others involved with campus athletic departments. Intercollegiate athletics plays such a key role on most college campuses. The student-athletes involved in these programs need to realize that they have a huge opportunity to excel in every area of their life.

• Recognition of best ways for student-athletes to prepare for life after college.
• Understanding of “life skills” (in a way that makes sense to student-athletes).
• First steps to making constructive change in all facets of life.


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