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Sam Davidson is a speaker, author and entrepreneur who uses humor and engaging stories to inspire young leaders to take action and change their communities.

He motivates college audiences to use their leadership talents and opportunities to better the world and their own lives.

Students today have a chance to impact the world like never before, combining their propensity for making a difference and their global awareness. They aren’t working like their parents. Increasingly, young leaders are starting values-based businesses and other entrepreneurial endeavors to take on the world’s most significant issues. 

College leadership programs need to tune into these realities and help a generation that likes to think big, think immediate, and think creatively. Today’s student leaders want to make an impact on their campus, and they have their sights firmly set on extending that reach, impacting lives everywhere.

Sam is the president and co-founder of Cool People Care, a media and merchandise company that connects people who want to make a difference with ideas and resources to do it.  He is a leading advocate of social entrepreneurship – doing something you love that is good for the planet and for other people.  Having grown a successful social enterprise, Sam has the methods and ideas, as well as the battle stories, to help today’s college leaders navigate the exciting and unpredictable adventures that lie before them.

Whether you are looking for a keynote specifically addressing social entrepreneurship, or a leadership message that takes into account today’s socially-conscious student audience, Sam will work with you to craft an entertaining and highly meaningful program. He will inspire your students toward what is possible and motivate them to make the most of their time in college to set the stage for even bigger things to come.


Sam is one of the most genuine and energetic people I've met. He was incredibly easy to work with and delivered on the intended message.

Sheehan Walker, Sigma Phi Epsilon Headquarters

Sam is a FANTASTIC story teller. He's funny and energetic, which really kept the students' attention (on him & away from their phones!). Sam happily answered questions for the students helping set up the event before the presentation, as well as staying after to talk to other audience members. Those small moments mean a lot to my students.

Robyn Stuart, Alvernia University

Students gravitate towards Sam. His stories draw them in. When speaking to students regarding social entrepreneurship and making a difference in the community, Sam left the students with concrete action steps they could implement both in college and once they graduated.

Gary Boling, Belmont University

Sam’s style is fun and informal, and he immediately bonded with and engaged the students. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for an energetic speaker who knows a lot about doing good and being a leader by example.

Lilly Massa-McKinley, Vanderbilt University

What My Second Grade Girlfriend Taught Me About Leadership

While in elementary school, Sam Davidson learned enough life lessons to help him get to where he is today.  A leading advocate of Social Entrepreneurship and servant leadership, Sam understands that student leaders have a core story to tell.  Sam offers practical tips for students looking to grow a following, shape an organization, and recruit others to care about whatever fuels their passions. Funny stories from second grade shape the core ideas for Sam’s discussion of values-based leadership, and students leave more confident about their abilities to make a big impact on their campus and in their communities. Hilarious and meaningful, this keynote leaves everyone inspired to start their own projects and make their campus (and their world) a better place.  This program is suitable for any leadership event and has special resonance for any group seeking a community service focus.

• Students will learn how leaders can capture the attention of and ask a commitment of potential and current followers.
• Students will learn characteristics of leadership, namely how a well-crafted story and marketing message can target potential new members.
• Students will learn how to turn an issue they care about into an issue others care about.

Cool People Care: Saving the World with Your Day Job

Everybody wants a great career, but more and more, people want to make a difference, as well.  Today’s students care deeply about their planet and their communities, and they are committed to doing whatever they can – large or small – to make sure their time on the planet makes it a better place.

The good news is that most anyone can make a living while also making a difference.

Sam Davidson, founder of the organization Cool People Care, knows the ups and downs that come with building a “make a difference” career.  A leading advocate of “Social Entrepreneurship,” Sam knows how students can make big change through their line of work, their talents, and their interests.  Today’s college students have a high level of civic engagement, and they have a desire to make a positive impact in their communities.  Sam shows them that you don’t have to drop out and fly halfway across the planet to make a difference, anymore.  Every young leader can plan their careers, shape their involvements, and set their goals in a way that puts their desire to “make a difference” into actual ACTION.

In this keynote, Sam introduces students to the concepts surrounding “Social Entrepreneurship,” demonstrating how leaders of all talents and resources can engage their talents for the benefit of others.  An inspiring leadership keynote, Cool People Care will motivate your audience to think big.

• Students will learn what social entrepreneurship is, and how it is different from traditional or conventional entrepreneurship.
• Students will learn how to determine the proper legal and financial set up for their social enterprise idea (for-profit or nonprofit).
• Students will learn the characteristics of high-performing social enterprises.

Better. Together.

A positive Fraternity and Sorority Life keynote address, Better. Together. discusses how and why Greek organizations can be forces for positive change—both for current members and for the larger university community.

Drawing on funny stories from his own college experience, Sam blends humor and meaningful suggestions for ways that any Greek organization can become better by working together with those inside and outside of their particular chapter. As a former president and membership education director in his fraternity, Sam offers practical and proven ideas that any member of a Greek organization (and not just its elected leaders) can use to make his or her chapter better. Best of all, these ideas can then be used so that the chapter as a whole can improve its own campus or community. This program is suitable for Greek weeks or when your community needs the right blend of entertainment and inspiration to achieve greater things than ever before.

Sam is willing to tailor some of the applications of this message based on your Greek community’s needs, whether it’s a focus on how to create healthy rivalries, a greater concern for risk management or the motivation needed to achieve academic success.

• Students will learn strategies to keep all members engaged and motivated to live the founding values of their organizations. (This is particularly important when it comes to the lull in involvement that can happen after a class is initiated or with older members who don’t win elections or are asked to chair a committee.)
• Students will learn how to build strategic campus alliances with other Greek and non-Greek organizations in order to create positive change. (This allows students to form strategic alliances with other groups to accomplish big things.)
• Students will learn leadership skills to employ in their organizations and around campus in order to bring about positive change. (This makes sure Greek leaders are leading both inside and outside their chapters.)

College is an Experience, Not an Event

So many students today view college as an event – something to check off a list before moving on to the next thing.  In this energetic talk for new student audiences, Sam Davidson shows students how they can get the most out of their time in college. Combining hilarious stories and practical advice for a life after college “that matters,” Sam inspires students to seek out new opportunities and to focus on out-of-the-classroom opportunities along with their success in the classroom. Sam is genuinely funny, and his approach is highly entertaining. Students are encouraged to increase their involvement in campus organizations while they begin exploring and shaping amazing careers waiting for them only a few years later.  Sam is a perfect choice your new student orientation or first-year-experience program.

• Students will learn three key (non-academic) areas of focus for their first year.
• Students will learn how to evaluate social clubs and relationships based upon personal goals.
• Students will learn how to effectively spend time outside of class in order to explore relevant meaningful social, career, and growth opportunities.


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