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If you are looking for a Fraternity and Sorority Life speaker who speaks to students with blunt honesty and at their level, Michelle Guobadia will reach them loud and clear.

Highly active in national fraternity and sorority communities, Michelle has a dynamic style which combines humor and confrontation, captivating student audiences and challenging them to create a better Greek experience.

She is so funny and "real" with our students. She gets it... bottom line, lives and breathes what she speaks about. They knew she was genuine.

Lindsay McKinney, University of California, San Diego

Michelle was fabulous. She was genuine, hysterical, honest, and down to earth. She was also interactive and was able to truly demonstrate multiple perspectives. EVERYTHING worked!

Jessica Emig, University of Connecticut

Michelle gave an amazing presentation to all the new members of Greek organizations on my campus. She got us fired up about about our journey through Greek Life. Michelle made us realize because we choose to be Greek, we were being set to a higher standard. She told us that we shouldn't fall into the Greek stereotypes, but that we should break them, by being the best we can be: academically and personally.

Suzy, Coastal Carolina University

She was engaging, real, challenging, and inspiring! Our women are talking non-stop about her presentation. They are so excited to put her thoughts into their actions. She really went above and beyond our expectations... Delta Zetas are ready to be dream makers!

Sabrina Colquitt, Delta Zeta Sorority

She did a wonderful job connecting with the students. After the presentation, I had students come to my office and tell me how much their chapters enjoyed her. The keynote was amazing and interactive. The breakout sessions were engaging and informative. She was GREAT.

Julie Ann Pearson, Eastern Washington University

Be a Dream Maker: Your Role in Making Fraternity and Sorority Life Great

So, now that you’re in a fraternity or sorority, life is great, right? But have you ever stopped to consider how your role in your chapter is making it truly great? Or worse, could your behavior be destroying it?

In her typical candid style, Michelle provides a wake-up call to those fraternity and sorority members who are coasting on their status or who are senselessly participating in destructive behavior, like hazing, abusive drinking, assault and poor academics.

Michelle speaks from a level of authority, not only as a lifelong member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., but as someone who has experienced how negative behavior destroys a chapter. As an undergraduate, she participated in—and even initiated—this type of negative behavior. As an advisor, she’s fought from the other side, holding students accountable and challenging them to do better. As a speaker, she now confronts the “dream killers” of fraternity and sorority life: those whose actions destroy the values and original aspirations of founding members.

Every chapter member will leave Michelle’s keynote believing they have the power either to bring their community up or tear it down. She encourages better choices, and she will leave your audience with a road map for making their community outstanding. She asks members of all groups (MGC, NPHC, IFC and Panhellenic) to take critical look at the roles they play in making sure fraternity and sorority communities survive and thrive.

This keynote can also be modified for new member education. In that version, she asks new members, Now what? She helps new members evaluate one of the biggest life-long decisions they will ever make, and she dispels popular myths about the Greek community. She will help new members of all organizations define a path to making their experiences great.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • The importance of their individual roles and responsibilities within their fraternity and sorority community
  • Tangible ideas on how to improve their chapters, council, and communities
  • How to begin conversations that will help create positive change and encourage their peers to “do better”
  • Think introspectively and self-evaluate their own behavior and the impact it has in their larger community


Hazing Makes You a Better Greek, and Other Stupid Myths

You shouldn’t need 10 reasons not to haze, but Michelle is going to give them to you anyway! When you walk out of her keynote, your perspective on what it means to belong to a fraternity and sorority community will be changed forever!

To this day, there are many myths and misconceptions about the practice of hazing and how it adds value to a fraternity or sorority chapter. Michelle is one of the strongest, most refreshing speakers today with enough courage to one-by-one debunk what some may deem “traditions” of new member recruitment and education. Have you ever heard that hazing helps build brotherhood and sisterhood? That hazing weeds out the bad apples?

With her biting wit and keen insight into Greek ritual, Michelle insists that you can not build a life-long bond by first tearing a person down, or using ridicule and violence to make them feel they are part of a special community. Michelle speaks from experience, not only as a sorority woman who has been hazed, but also as someone who actively took part in these harmful traditions, believing this behavior was an important part of her fraternity/sorority experience.

In her keynote, student audiences will laugh at how ridiculous certain hazing traditions can be. Michelle also wants them to leave with a critical view of why hazing doesn’t work, why it needs to end—before hazing ends them as a community—and what the future will look like without it.

Michelle’s keynote is perfect for new office training, Greek Week events, new member education and hazing prevention programming.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Why hazing should be eliminated from their fraternity and sorority community
  • What it truly means to be part of a values based organization
  • How to take steps to end “traditions” that cause harm to their brothers and sisters


From Wishing to Reality: Recruitment for Culturally-Based Greeks

Does your organization wish they had bigger intake/pledge classes/lines? Does your organization wish that there was standing room only for your Interest Meetings or Informationals? Is your group intentionally cultivating membership, or just hoping that people will come begging to join your fraternity or sorority? Stop thinking old school and learn about the new school ways of building your potential membership pool, connecting with your market, and getting the quality membership you have always wanted!

Culturally-based groups often pride themselves on saying “we don’t recruit”. We DO RECRUIT, and Michelle is ready to help you and your organization realize that it is time to get over that dated thought process and learn how to make results happen for your fraternity or sorority to grow into the organization it was meant to be.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Tips and techniques to help cultivate strong pools of potential members
  • To show the value of their organization in daily interactions with potential members
  • Practical strategies to help culturally based fraternities and sororities grow the overall size of their chapter membership


Michelle's Bio

Michelle received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in 2003, and she currently serves as a board member for their Black Alumni Organization. She graduated from North Carolina State University in 2005 with a Masters in Higher Education Administration. Michelle was the 2005 recipient of the ACPA Standing Committee for Graduate Students and New Professionals Outstanding Master’s Student Award, the 2005 North Carolina State University Graduate Assistant Award for Excellence, and 1st place winner of the 2004 AFA/Order of Omega Case Study competition. 

Recently, Michelle received the 2011 Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Steven B. Dealph Outstanding Professional Award. She received the 2009 Greek Professional of the Year award from Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity and at UNC Charlotte she is the 2010 recipient of the Gerald Spates Advising award from the UNC Charlotte Black Student Union.

Michelle is a member of the AFA Foundation Board and is a Facilitator of the Year for CAMPUSPEAK. Michelle is also the writer and creator of the INTAKE EQUATION, the recruitment program for black and culturally based Greek-lettered organizations. A Fall 2000 initiate of the Chi Theta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, and an active and financial member of the Delta Zeta Graduate Chapter, Michelle is a regular presenter at student and professional conferences. She has presented at Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference, National Black Greek Leadership Conference, Northeast Greek Leadership Association and the AFA Annual Meeting just to name a few.

Michelle is the Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she advises 33 fraternities and sororities.


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