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With her casual speaking style and her understanding of the realities of college life, Dr. Lori Hart challenges audiences, gets them laughing and gets them sharing.

I believe Dr. Lori provided a better perspective to the entire Greek community on how to change, something they have not had in the past. Dr. Lori was able to relate with our students with ease and had the perfect mix of humor and risk management discussion.

Megan Robare, Texas Tech University

Lori hit it out of the park! She had them laughing from the moment she took the stage and her stories all resonated with the students. Sitting in the back of the room I was so pleasantly surprised to see them women taking notes, nodding along and actively listening.

Meg Shamburger, University of Virginia

Lori's approach and personality is a great fit with the bates students. Her sense if humor, her ability to relate to undergraduates and the frank honest manner with such she addresses the topic is very successful and welcome.

Holly Gurney, Bates College

Making Greek Great

Since the days of our founders, Fraternity and Sorority Life has always been about one thing: building friendships. We all seek a place to belong and a place where we form friendships that will shape us and guide us throughout our lives. As long as we stay true to that purpose, fraternity and sorority is a powerful force for good on our campuses and in our communities.

But, when we stray from that purpose, we get in trouble. We make the papers. People get hurt. Our image in society becomes toxic.

Making Greek Great is as simple as being true to our core purpose. It’s as simple as our members committing themselves to leadership guided by the principles of good friendship—giving young men and women a safe, nurturing place to become their very best.

Every day, you and your brothers and sisters make choices about how to use your membership in a fraternity or sorority. Do you use it for selfish purposes, or do you use it to build up others? Do you bring honor to your university, or do you use your fraternity membership to rip it down? Most of all, does your fraternity and sorority community set a standard for members that inspires them to become something better?

In this empowering keynote, Lori asks young men and women these questions, challenging them to return their organizations to an ethical pursuit of the highest standards of friendship. Through group discussion and targeted stories, Lori helps students see the realities, the possibilities and a path forward.

This is the perfect Greek Week, awards events, new member convocations or for any free standing fraternity/sorority educational event.

A Few Too Many… Our Campus Culture of Alcohol

Results of recent studies have found that high-risk drinking is among the most dramatic problems facing college campuses. Students spend more on alcohol than they do on books. Fraternity and sorority members drink more than their non-Greek peers. And, athletes are drinking just as much. So, now, what do we do with this information? This keynote focuses on the culture of alcohol, providing activities that get students talking and feeling empowered to do something about high-risk drinking on their campus and within their own life. Focused on harm reduction, Lori provides concrete steps men and women can take to reduce risks.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Opposite Sex

Relationships with the opposite sex…they are a part of our everyday life. Many of us question things about men and women: Why do men say they will call, and then don’t? Why do women go to the bathroom in pairs? Why doesn’t text messaging count as verbal communication? Why is the Facebook status “in a relationship” so important?

Lori explores biology, stereotypes and communication theory in an effort to help both men and women understand development and the opposite sex. Healthy relationships are essential throughout life and college is where you learn who you are and what you need from someone else in a relationship. This keynote is full of laughs as well as important messages about self-esteem.

Lori's Bio

Dr. Lori Hart has an undergraduate degree in Education from Auburn University, a master’s degree in Education from the University of Montevallo and a doctorate degree in Higher Education from Georgia State University.

Lori currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her son and two Golden Retriever dogs. 

An avid participant in the fraternity/sorority community, Lori has served as an active volunteer for Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity in a variety of roles and she currently serves as the Director of Prevention Education for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.  Additionally, Lori has served as a speaker for CAMPUSPEAK since 1999.  Today she visits close to 75 campuses a year, bringing messages about relationships, alcohol education, and fraternity and sorority life.  Campus Activities Magazine has recognized Lori as both “Female Performer of the Year” and “Speaker of the Year.”


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