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Fraternity and sorority chapters continually agonize over the “quality vs. quantity” conflict when recruiting new members.

How can you attract more high-quality members to your organization? How does the quality of new members affect the overall success of the chapter? What characteristics are most common in high-quality members, and how do we objectively evaluate those characteristics?

Tom provides action-oriented solutions to help chapters build a system that yields great new members semester after semester. He challenges members to consider the legacy they would like to leave for themselves and their chapters while educating them on the top reasons why chapters struggle with recruitment.

Tom has helped chapters, campus communities and national organizations recruit more great members with his straight-forward approach, engaging message and practical tips that translate to immediate action and results. This keynote will help members to clarify their organization’s values, value quality growth and leave a lasting legacy of great members.

Our audience was very attentive because of Tom's approach to recruitment, which involved relatable scenarios. Tom has a good sense of humor and he got his point across very well by answering all questions without hesitation and providing a lot of detail. He is very experienced in his field.

Dominic Policicchio, University of West Florida

Tom brings a level of energy, knowledge and skill to his presentation that engages the audience from the moment he takes the stage. His rapport with the students and alumni at our national convention was genuine, enthusiastic and built credibility instantly. Tom's knowledge of his content is one of the best I've seen in many years.

Brian Tenclinger, Triangle Fraternity

Getting Great in the Door: Creating a Legacy of Excellence

Do you ever wonder if all the work you’ve put into your fraternity or sorority chapter will even matter a few years from now? How will the legacy of your leadership continue beyond your graduation? Is there anything you can do RIGHT NOW to ensure that your organization will continue and grow stronger?

The key to continuous improvement and strong leadership in your chapter has everything to do with the deliberate development of outstanding new members. For so many groups, it’s just about numbers—getting bodies in the door. But, what can you do to make sure those bodies are bringing greatness with them? There are deliberate steps you can take right now to make sure that you are drawing new members to your organization who will take your hard work and build on it.

In this instructive, inspiring session with a “recruitment flavor,” recruitment specialist Tom discusses why chapters struggle to recruit exceptional members. He says that it’s partly due to a lack of clear vision, partly due to a weak evaluation process for new members, an inability to articulate the values of their organization and a basic misunderstanding on the part of new members. By fixing these foundational cracks, your group can take proven strategic steps to begin recruiting a higher standard of member.

Imagine recruiting new classes of members that inspire your current members to work harder! Tom helps chapters of all sizes, traditions and reputations feel optimistic about the power of new member recruitment. He will help you develop eligibility standards and assist you to develop a brand and marketing plan around those standards. When Tom is done, you will be able to clearly state the value that membership in your organization brings, and you’ll know how to find new members on your campus who will commit to making your organization better.

Most of all, Tom helps student leaders feel confident that their hard work will matter. By clarifying your organization’s values and recruiting exciting, competent new members based on those values, you will be able to leave a strong legacy.

This is a perfect pre-recruitment program for IFC or Panhellenic audiences. Tom is also available for chapter consultations in addition to his keynote for an additional fee.


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