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Amber Krzys is on a mission to help young men and women turn things around when it comes to body image, fat talk, and self degradation.

She is helping young people recognize and end the cycles of blame, comparison and self-criticism.

Have you ever wished your body were different? Maybe you just know that if you were taller, you’d be more popular. Or, if you were thinner or more toned you’d be dating ‘that’ guy or girl. Or, if your skin were clearer more people would listen to you.

Maybe you pick your body apart in front of the mirror, or avoid mirrors all together. Do you hide in your clothes or use food to comfort you when you are feeling sad and lonely? Maybe you never have anything kind to say about your body and actually pinch your ‘muffin top’ because you hate it so much.

Right now, you are living on a battlefield. An internal battlefield where war is happening within you every single day and is affecting everything in your life from your relationship to your significant other, to how you show up in your classes, to how often you take a risk and try something new. You may not even realize how much your relationship to your body is holding you back.

Amber knows first-hand the pain and suffering that comes from negative body image because she has lived them. Even after achieving her life-long dream of working on Broadway, Amber found herself completely miserable because she was stuck in a war with her body.

That’s why in 2008, she created bodyheart, an education/outreach program that uses psychology, art and action to empower people to fight back against the media and social norms that lead to poor body-image. Her campus keynotes are designed to help young audiences make peace with their bodies and view themselves in a more productive, positive way. When they do that, Amber says, students can lead with confidence and thrive in college and in life beyond campus.

“Our current model of beauty is based in illusion. There isn’t one image released in the press without some form of retouching. This sends a message that we are not enough. bodyheart is changing that,” Amber said.

Amber is a perfect choice for all programs centered around positive body image and self-esteem. Consider her for your Fat Talk Free Week event, new student orientation or women’s health event.

I really appreciated Amber's keynote. It was engaging and positive and I'm pretty sure every girl left that room feeling a little bit better about their self-images, if not inspired to work towards body peace of their own. I was so impressed with the entire experience and am grateful that you came to our house for Fat Talk Free Week. You left a lasting, positive impression.

Megan Ladd, University of Southern California

Those of us that attended Amber's keynote found her message to be a very unique and relatable way to address what can be an overwhelming and intimidating topic. Her program is thought provoking and inspiring to collegiate women and could be in a variety of audiences on any campus. The collegiate women who participated in the presentation enjoyed her message and were eager to engage. They responded well to her facilitation style as her program creates a comfortable environment and introduces a message that is easy to relate to.

Jackye Brown Clarke, Cari Cook and Natalie Parish, Tri Delta National

Amber creates a fun, relaxed and supportive space. I was nervous at first and emotional when I felt the heart being painted on my skin. I have spent too long angry at my body and the ritual of painting the heart on my skin broke some chains. I am so glad I did it!

Carolyn Ziel,

Spearheading Fat Talk Free Week was unbelievably rewarding; I wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing. Seeing how much fun everybody else was having made me feel great. I loved that I was able to bring such a wonderful event to the sisters of my chapter. Overall, a HUGE THANK YOU for coming to our house. I am beyond enthused and appreciate you coming more than you know!

Chelsea-Anne Cymrot, University of Southern California

From Body Hater to Body Celebrator

Many students believe their bodies aren’t enough. They feel they have to be taller or thinner or have better abs to receive the success and happiness they seek. In fact, most students are so wrapped up in what Amber calls the ‘Perfect Body Game’ that they miss out on a large part of their college experience. They are consumed with trying to make their bodies perfect that they can’t see the opportunities present and available in front of them.

In this inspiring and humorous keynote, Amber shares her personal story of how she won her own Perfect Body Game. She describes how she found herself completely miserable even while living her dream of working on Broadway. She achieved her goal of performing on the Broadway stage, but she didn’t enjoy it for an instant – all because she was obsessed with making her body better. She was a prisoner in own life, but thankfully she broke free.

This keynote is about changing how you see and relate to your body. It’s about breaking you free from the current beauty mold that keeps you on defense. Amber offers practical tools that will get audiences embracing what’s special about them, instead of what they perceive as inadequate. You have the power to stand forward and claim your “enoughness,” now, says Amber. After her keynote, students will walk taller and feel better about the skin they’re in.

Caught on Film!

Interested in putting your commitment to loving your body to the test? Want to create a sense of community & support around positive body image? Then, join Amber & her team by bringing a bodyheart photo shoot to your campus!

Open to men and women, this exciting opportunity brings Amber’s photographer to campus to document the day! Drawing hearts on faces and body parts that need love or are loved, Amber and her photographer capture the magic with clarity and creativity. Attendees walk away with a sense of empowerment and with their experiences caught in still life. Releasing the photos via facebook, Amber creates both a campus and an online community amongst students that is so important in leading the crusade against poor body image.
Check out the bodyheart Facbeook Page for photos from past photo shoots.

In addition to Amber’s regular keynote, this is the perfect event to continue her message. Ask for additional rates to make this day a reality!

“I’ve never been to anything like this!  I feel so supported.  Everyone around me- including Amber and her photographer- cheered me on during my photo shoot and made me feel truly beautiful. This strength is something that will continue to grow inside me.  I’m so glad I did this.”

- bodyheart photo shoot attendee

Your Body Talks…

When students go away to college, there is such a great focus on interactions with others—what if I don’t get along with my roommate? What if I can’t make any friends? If I gain the freshman 15, how will others perceive me? Why does it seem like everyone in this class is smarter than me? What should I have for dinner—pizza or a salad? It’s easy to feel intimidated by the interactions and expectations creating our external lives.

Amber Krzys’ keynote, Your Body Talks, turns the focus internally as she teaches students how to focus on the most important relationship of all—the relationship with self. Along with this important relationship comes greater respect for the body and simultaneously, a greater desire to take good care of it.

This highly practical presentation will help do just that. Amber teaches students specific skills to foster that relationship—things like nutritious eating, how to exercise for health, how to say no and feel good about it, and how to be comfortable in their own skin. Each student will leave empowered to increase their self-esteem, and better equipped to notice how their actions (such as what they eat, how they exercise) impact their level of health. When students take on the responsibility of caring for themselves physically, the results will ripple toward all other aspects of their lives and freshman year will serve as the springboard for a successful, meaningful college career! 

Amber's Bio

If you can’t pronounce Amber’s last name, that’s okay. It’s pronounced “Kris”, which is pretty simple. Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Amber always knew she wanted to perform on Broadway. She chased her dream and landed there, performing to sold out crowds every night. However, she was disappointed. She reevaluated her path, and made some major revamps to her relationship with her body, building a thriving business called bodyheart. Now located in Los Angeles, Amber lives with her two awesome pups and helps people change their lives for the better as a coach and speaker. She believes that inside everyone is a desire to rise to their fullest potential and to live beyond their wildest dreams, and knows that true transformation starts with our relationship with ourselves.


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