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Personal. Honest. Life Changing.

The lineups, the visitations, the spotlight parties, the hotboxes, the yelling, the intimidation.

The traditions. The deaths.

Erle Morring is earning rave reviews for his anti-hazing keynote, Hazed and Confused. Erle openly discusses the mistakes and bad choices he and his peers made, both as individuals and as chapter and council leaders, with regard to harmful fraternity hazing traditions.

In passionately recalling the hazing and the deaths of the two young men during his time at Auburn University, Erle draws students into the experiences that forever changed his view of fraternity and the values of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Erle didn’t preach to our students. He made them laugh at times, cry at times and really think about what he was saying. I have never seen our students respond to a speaker like they did to Erle. They are still talking!

Lindsey Mazer Best, Austin Peay State University

Erle's reenactment of hazing was very similar to what really goes on around here sometimes, so it definitely had a very good impact. He did a very good job, we have got nothing but positive feedback from the students. Thanks Erle!

Adam Roll, Oklahoma State University

Erle's story and the results from the presentation consistently surpass other hazing speakers that we've had at our conferences. The most effective aspect is the personal story.

Steve Good, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

Erle Morring was great at communicating with the students on a level that they understood. They really related to his personal tragedy and continue to talk about his presentation today. They really want him to come and speak to the entire community versus just the new members. Thanks CAMPUSPEAK for having Erle on your roster!

Brooke James, University of Tampa

Hazed and Confused

In a three month span, Erle’s fraternity chapter lost two pledges. 

As a chapter and an IFC officer, Erle knew changes were needed. Fraternity life on his campus was so immersed in a hazing culture and so troubled by institutionalized alcohol abuse, he knew more deaths were imminent.

In describing the challenges he and his fraternity community faced, Erle offers hope and possibility to fraternity and sorority leaders facing an uphill battle in changing their negative histories and traditions. 

Hazed and Confused is a serious story, but Erle approaches his presentation with a laid-back, interactive and practical style. He believes that the answers to hazing will be found in the hearts and efforts of progressive, forward-thinking student leaders who find the courage to ask questions, confront their peers and set a new course. Fraternity and sorority members will leave with tools, ideas and motivation necessary to address hazing and substance abuse on their campus.

This keynote is a perfect choice for hazing prevention programming, new member convocations, presidents’ retreats and more.

Erle's Bio

Erle received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations/Journalism and a Master of Arts degree in Communication from Auburn University. He is a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity and for years has been active in the fraternity’s LEAD program for new members.

In his spare time, you’ll find Erle boating, wakeboarding, skiing and hanging out on beautiful Lake Guntersville in northeastern, rural Alabama with family and friends.


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