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As an award-winning speaker, leadership expert and cultural critic, Tish Norman has been educating students and other audiences on achieving great things for more than a decade. Her witty, entertaining style makes her an amazing choice for any leadership keynote.

Tish uses creative energy and stylish motivation to help students release their inner leader. She is known for her humor, her energy and for delivering programs that offer practical information and positive strategies. She also brings a special sensitivity to diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, making her the perfect choice for those campuses with significantly multicultural student bodies.

Tish was a fun and motivational addition to our conference! Her message truly resonated with our students, and they were actively engaged throughout her entire presentation! We loved having her here at UT and would highly recommend her to other institutions.

Sally Gates, University of Tennessee

Most definately! She gave our students key points that I believe that they will remember for a long time. Great Job TISH!!!!

Alexis Turner, Ashford University

Tish was able to reach our students and help them see the potential they have to make a difference in the Greek community.

Astrid Beltran, Baylor Univeristy

Calling All Greeks to the Floor!

This spirited keynote, perfect for Greek Week or your Greek Leadership Conference, is Tish’s most popular program. She engages audiences with a multimedia presentation blended with self-reflection and empowerment strategies that quite simply… motivate! Tish promotes diversity and unity by calling on Greek-letter organizations to recognize, celebrate, and embrace their differences rather than be separated by them. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Tish specifically designed this keynote to serve several purposes—to celebrate our respective organizations’ legacy, to inspire leadership effectiveness and to revitalize your fraternal bonds as we serve our campus, chapters and community.

Redefine the Divine Nine

Does your NPHC experience drama AND inner-council conflict?  Is there a lack of understanding, communication and unity.  Are relations with other councils strained? Have your NPHC organizations failed to maintain their required GPA?

Imagine what it would be like to get control of these and other challenges and to motivate NPHC members to decrease the drama with one another, to increase academic eligibility, and to attract higher quality members who engage in succession planning, collaboration and sustainability.  It is extremely critical that every NPHC member be provided with the tools necessary to support themselves, one another, and the broader Greek community.

In this motivating keynote for NPHC audiences, Tish will give every member mind-changing strategies and empower your community to take action on the issues that challenge your community the most. She will help equip members at all levels of experience to create and perpetuate an environment of improvement and results.

History, Herstory, YOUR Story…

This is a wonderful choice for a campus convocation as this thought-provoking keynote will especially set the tone for any cultural observance. Tish’s presentation is sure to get your audience energized about who they are and excited about who they are becoming. She reinforces her message of self-respect and empowerment by infusing relevant historical accounts with current cultural trends, thus connecting with every member of the audience. The time for excellence is now. It’s time to write your story.

Girls, Let’s Talk!

This engaging journey empowers undergraduate women to re-define themselves with respect, humility, refinement and a positive self-image. Tish creates honest dialogue about the labels that the media, society, and often times, peers use to define women. Specifically, Tish focuses on empowering female student leaders to properly engage themselves daily and in various social environments. These, along with other personal characteristics like developing personal accountability and maintaining healthy relationships are explored to engage and challenge participants to re-examine their behaviors in an effort to improve themselves and their effectiveness on campus.

Emcee Services - Kick Off Your Event or Conference with Energy!

If you are hosting a conference or a big campus event, it’s critical that someone kicks it off with high energy and enthusiasm.  If you want to kick things off with a bang and get your audience excited about the event, then you should consider having Tish Norman host your event.  She will kick-off your conference or event so your audience feels fired up and ready to learn and have fun.  Tish uses music, interactivity, humor, and energetic motivation to engage an audience and keep the energy levels high throughout the event.

Tish is highly-regarded as a conference energizer and as a “Mistress of Ceremonies.” She projects enthusiasm, pleasant appearance, confidence, skill with words, and ability to think on her feet. Whether your audience is pumped up or needs a little enthusiasm, Tish can get things moving by establishing rapport with the audience and generating a contagious “oomph” that gets everyone excited and involved. 

Whether she’s on stage kicking off a lip sync event, step show, leadership conference, or other big campus event, Tish will help you get things started off BIG.  Call for more information, and we’ll put you in touch with Tish directly to discuss what you need and imagine for your next big event.

Tish's Bio

Tish Norman, M.Ed is the Executive Director of Transforming Leaders Now, Inc., a leadership development company, specializing in educational programming. Having spoken in 43 states and eight countries, Tish is an influential voice on leadership, women and the African American experience, and her keynotes have become favorites among universities, associations and leadership conferences. Not only is she knowledgeable in the fundamentals of effective leadership, Tish has published several articles in university publications and is a contributing author of From Mediocre to Magnificent and Leading the Way, Stories of Inspiration and Leadership.


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