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A national leader in the movement to shatter the silence surrounding sexual violence.

Angela Rose’s decade of work on the issue of sexual violence has made her a highly-respected, engaging speaker and an expert on sexual assault and violence prevention. She is also widely recognized as an advocate for survivor empowerment.

Angela’s efforts have been profiled by CNN, The Today Show, TIME Magazine, The Montel Williams Show, The John Walsh Show, CosmoGirl, Girl’s Life magazine and in newspapers nationwide.

At the age of 17, Angela was abducted at knife point outside a suburban Chicago shopping mall. She was assaulted by a repeat sex-offender on parole for murder—and was eventually released by her attacker. Bruised and disoriented, she then suffered at the hands of authorities who—instead of helping her—subjected her to scrutiny, blame and additional victimization. The anguish of her abduction was immediately magnified by anger and a strong sense of injustice at her treatment by authorities.

Angela worked with her attacker’s previous victims and other concerned community members to help enact Illinois’ Sexually Dangerous Persons Commitment Act in 1998.

Angela continued her activism on the issues of sexual violence prevention as she entered college. There, she perceived a lack of activism on the issues. She then founded the organization, PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment, to create education and action surrounding the issues of sexual violence. The organization was immediately recognized for its inclusiveness to all individuals and their experiences. Through PAVE, Angela has trained students (including athletes, fraternities and sororities) in sexual assault prevention, produced a documentary, entitled Transition to Survivor, and founded Men Opposing Sexual Assault, a student group that highlights the importance of men in the anti-sexual assault movement.

Angela's topic is something that most people tend not to talk about. Her personal story and the details that she used was highly effective. She was able to hold their attention throughout the entire session. Angela was great!

Davon Robb, Northwestern University

It's over a week after the program and students are still talking about it. It was covered by our student newspaper, and the fraternities want to do a poster campaign reflecting ones Angela talked about! Everything was extremely effective.

Kelly Stemcosky, Susquehanna University

Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence

Kidnapped in broad daylight at the age of 17 from a shopping mall parking lot, Angela recounts her haunting experience of being bound in a paroled murderer’s car and her fight for justice that followed. Working with her attacker’s previous victims, Angela turned a suburban community into a group of proactive citizens, culminating with the passage of the Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act in Illinois. Angela went on to found PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment—a national non-profit created to shattered the silence of sexual violence.

Angela has encountered countless sexual assault survivors, many of whom were victimized by someone they knew and trusted. In her moving sexual assault keynote, Angela helps students dispel myths and understand the dangers of sexual violence both from strangers and from those we know and trust. She also discusses the dangerous role that alcohol plays in sexual violence.

This keynote is engaging and inclusive, and it creates a space for open dialogue. Angela draws from her own experience with sexual violence, but acknowledges that far more often, victims know their perpetrator. Focusing on how men and women can mutually be part of the solution, Angela empowers audiences to make changes in their communities. Angela’s keynote is multi-media, including video clips and music, and will leave the audience with tangible tips on how to be a supportive friend and partner as well as tools and resources to have ongoing education in the community.

Transition to Survivor

(Film screening and talk back)

This workshop is an excellent choice for those college programmers wishing to move beyond the statistics of sexual violence and into the personal stories that make the issue a critical one on the nation’s campuses.

Angela produced and directed the film, Transition to Survivor, in which sexual assault survivors tell their powerful and emotional stories, from reporting the crimes to dealing with the aftermath of the violence.
By watching the film and discussing it afterwards, students learn why many women choose not to report their attacks. They learn why sexual violence is too often a “silent crime.” In the film, one woman talks about how blocking her memories, becoming anorexic and turning to self-mutilation to ease the emotional pain. Another breaks into tears on camera and confesses serious thoughts of suicide. Eventually all the survivors got help through counseling, friends and family support.
In this workshop, Angela shares her film and leads a discussion with audience members about the realities of moving beyond a sexual assault. Frequently sponsored by women’s centers and sexual assault prevention task forces, the film and discussion humanize the tragedy of sexual violence. This is an important learning opportunity for both students and campus staff because the film’s subjects discuss their experiences with authorities after their assaults. It is especially recommended for counselors, peer educators, campus security officers, military responders and others who deal directly with victims.

Angela's Bio

Angela serves as the PAVE’s Executive Director, and she inspires others to join the movement to end sexual assault by traveling the country and abroad. Audiences across the country have benefited from her passion, her experience and her ability to turn tragedy into action.


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