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This Guy Landed 50 Jobs in 50 States in 50 Weeks! Hear the lessons from the World’s Most Ambitious Job Seeker

To break out of the deep rut his life had fallen into, Daniel set out to explore the diverse careers, cultures, and environments offered in America. He embarked on a seemingly impossible quest: to work 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks. He’s worked as a baseball scout in Massachusetts, a coal miner in West Virginia, a meteorologist in Ohio, a music studio technician in Tennessee, an archaeologist in Arkansas, a petroleum engineer in Texas, a meatpacker in Kansas, a cartographer in North Dakota, a National Park Service ranger in Wyoming, a reverend in Nevada, a lumberjack in Oregon, a dietitian in Mississippi….. the list is unreal.

A graduate and student-athlete from the University of Southern California, Daniel wondered where all the opportunities were. He failed over 40 job interviews, mailed out 18,000 job inquires, only to find nothing. At a time when Daniel felt the world was against him, he wanted to prove he was worthy of it all. With his venture across America, he learned to embrace rejection and with that, made some great discoveries, and finding direction he would’ve never imagined.

It all culminated in a book, 50 Jobs in 50 States: One Man’s Journey of Discovery Across America. The subtitle says it all: “How I Turned Rejection into Opportunity and Dreams Into Reality.”

In his entertaining campus keynote, he shares his journey of a lifetime, thrilling students with unbelievable stories (and dozens of hilarious photos) of finding crazy jobs, and stepping completely outside his comfort zone. He offers hope to students intimidated by job prospects after college, encouraging them to open their minds and do some things that scare them.

For those looking for a keynote relevant to life after college, Daniel’s lessons about resilience, networking, adaptability, taking risks and endurance are obvious.  For those simply looking for a program that will fascinate college student audiences, Daniel’s keynote Living the Map offers humor, hope, and a sense that anything is possible.

In today’s bad economy when there are so many American jobless, after listening to Daniel Seddiqui motivate others with sharing the experience of 50 Jobs in 50 States, he truly stirs up an entrepreneur spirit to those who listened.

Bruce Wang, Collin College

Daniel Seddiqui's presentation "50 Jobs in 50 States" was one of the most interesting talks that we have had here at Dutchess Community College in a long time. Daniel was a great speaker and our students loved and were inspired by the presentation! There was lots of buzz around campus. I don’t give a big ‘thumbs up’ easily. I would recommend to any college.

Mike Weida, Dutchess Community College

What a delightful evening we had with Daniel Seddiqui. Daniel is a warm, engaging, humorous, wonderful young man. Our students were very comfortable with him and the message he delivers is something that they will be able to use, not only in their job search but for a lifetime. His attitude is contagious and very positive, an attitude that we could all use a little more of in our everyday lives. I have been at this job for nearly 15 years and I have to say that I have not met a more pleasant, congenial young person. He was just GREAT.

Paula Hadley , Ferris State University

Daniel has a unique story that inspires others to take a chance and create their own opportunities.

Debbie Osborn, National Career Development Association

Living the Map

The job search Daniel Seddiqui faced after graduation was no easy feat.  Resumes and interviews yielded no result.  After being named the Most Rejected Person in the World by USA Today, Daniel developed a great deal of perseverance, risk taking, adaptability, networking, and endurance, which he shares through the stories of his jobs and his often-extraordinary efforts to land each one.  He had roughly 5,000 rejections over the course of the year, and he tells how he developed the motivation, discipline, and resourcefulness to keep going despite all the setbacks.  He entertains the audience in offering hard-earned lessons and tips for creative ways of finding employment, networking, and turning failure into success.  With humor and insight, he describes how he was able to adapt to different job requirements, bosses, coworkers, expectations, and other challenges in each new job.  And he reveals how he prepared mentally and physically for the long drives, missing meals, never taking breaks, constant learning, and exhaustion that this journey required. For those looking for a keynote speaker that brings clarify to the world outside our comfort zone, and how our environment and fear of rejection or failure can truly restrict us from making amazing discoveries and realizing our passion, Daniel offers hope to students intimidated by job prospects, encouraging them to open their minds and continuously challenge themselves.  Perfect for any leadership conference, or simply as a stand alone evening of inspiration, Living the Map is Daniel’s challenge to today’s college students to make their lives count.

Daniel's Bio

Daniel Seddiqui is known as the World’s Most Ambitious Job Seeker, yet has been named by USA Today as the Most Rejected Person in the World.  With failing over 40+ consecutive job interviews and sending out 18,000 emails to find a job after college graduation, this young buck embraced 5,000 more rejections with his new quest to work 50 Jobs in 50 States.

When it seemed like the world turned against him, Daniel wanted to prove he was worthy of it all.  Leaving his economics degree from the University of Southern California behind, he’s been everything from a weatherman in Ohio and a border patrol agent in Arizona, to a coal miner in West Virginia and a rodeo announcer in South Dakota.

Daniel is now a bestselling author, highly demanded speaker, and director of an innovative career exploration college program, which gives students the opportunity to experience a rapid prototyping of work.  He is the founder of Living the Map, which raises awareness of the varying cultures, careers, and environments across the country through outreach, educational endeavors, and community building.  Daniel encourages those to explore the world around them, to understand and respect one another and to make continuous discoveries to better themselves. Putting his economics degree to use, Daniel researches how unemployment affects different communities in various ways, as he tries to address each social issue or epidemic.

Featured on many national and international media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, NPR, Today Show, Associated Press, BBC, MSN, Yahoo!, C-SPAN, World News Tonight, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, and Voices of America, Daniel has earned his spot as a job seeking expert and cultural analyst contributor.
A homegrown Californian, Daniel learned how restrictive an environment of familiarity could be.  He realized how small we make our world until stepping out of our comfort zone, whether it’s our field of study, environment, or fear of failure. Daniel’s a strong proponent of exploring the many great opportunities that exist and in need of being created.

When not busy working, Daniel enjoys staying competitive with long distance running, a sport he was a nationally ranked collegiate athlete and successful Division 1 collegiate coach.


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