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Kevin Smith knows a thing or two about leadership. From being the first member of his family to attend college, to dotting the “I” in The Ohio State University Marching Band, and creating and selling his first business, Kevin has an impressive and relatable set of experiences that help make him the perfect choice for student leadership programs.

He would be an excellent fit for all types of audiences in both two and four-year institutions. Kevin’s time as a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity allows him to present exceptional trainings to fraternity and sorority students for both campus-based and national organization programs. As a first-generation college student who has spent much of his career researching and working with community college students, he loves tailoring his message to meet the needs of this growing student population. 

Kevin used relevant examples in motivating our team to bring out the full potential in others. His ability to articulate how to lead an organization and its people from within, during transitional periods, really hit home.

Mary Ellen Hardies, Delta Gamma

Kevin Smith brings great energy, experience, and humor to any program. He has a natural way of connecting with students and making them feel at ease, while also challenging and pushing them towards excellence.

Michelle Manchard, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity

I can't recommend Kevin highly enough. He kept his audience engaged through humor and dynamic perspectives and had the entire room howling, while educating, discussing the generation gap in today's workplace.

Christina Zimmer, Ohio Society of Association Executives

Success Beyond the Major

Why do most students feel lost when college is supposed to be about discovering purpose while preparing to make a difference in the world? Students are facing constant pressure to set aside their dreams and ambitions in order to play a function in our economy. This is not inspiring. We can change that.

The truth is, every student, regardless of their major, is developing the skills and abilities to passionately live their dreams and become a success in life! In his keynote, Success Beyond the Major, speaker Kevin Smith shares personal stories of setbacks and successes to inspire students to pursue their dreams, define their unique value, become more than a major, and build the confidence to be in charge of their own destiny.

Kevin will challenge students to use their personal leadership skills, define their unique value proposition, create a story worth telling (no matter of their academic major), and encourage students to believe in themselves and take action.

Students will learn to:

• Identify and articulate their personal leadership skills, talents, and strengths
• Increase their employability
• Articulate their unique value
• Increase their marketability for leadership positions, internships, jobs, and more
• Enhance the value of their college degree
• Develop more confidence

The Confidence to Decide

Athletes train to achieve top levels of fitness so that in that moment – when one’s performance counts the most – he or she will perform at the highest level. Although we are not all competitive athletes, every day we are forced to make important decisions that affect our organizations, our campus community, our friends, and others around us. Whether you are a student organization officer, an active member of a team, or simply a student in the right place at the right time, you will probably have at least one big opportunity to make a choice that will deeply impact others. You’ll have to decide not only between right from wrong, but also perhaps right from right. In times like these, the confidence to make a critical decision can make all the difference.

How ready are you for that big moment? Because it could happen two years from now, or a week from Wednesday!

In this thought-provoking and humorous keynote, Kevin Smith calls students to action in becoming “ethically fit” and able to handle the most difficult decisions. Through real-life examples and definable concepts, students will emerge from this leadership keynote charged with an increased confidence. Your student leaders will be better able to understand the ethical decision-making process and be able to put it to work on campus and in their lives after college.

Students will learn to:

• Identify and describe the different types of decisions they face (short-term/long-term, justice/mercy, individual/community, truth/loyalty, etc.)
• Have a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities as it relates to making decisions
• Differentiate decision-making paradigms in real case scenarios
• Articulate their decision-making process in order to empower their future actions
• Have a heightened sense of self-confidence in their ability to make decisions consistent with their values

Kevin's Bio

Kevin has spent his career encouraging students to discover their purpose and helping them find their leadership path. As the Director of the Institute for Leadership Advancement for the College of Business Administration for the University of Akron, Kevin works with students each day to help them build and unleash their leadership potential.

His vast experience as an entrepreneur, world traveler, musician, fraternity man, and first-generation college student helps Kevin relate to and connect with all students, regardless of their background or interests. As a speaker and consultant, Kevin has spoken to and trained over 25,000 students, faculty members, and business leaders on various leadership topics including decision-making, multi-generational leadership, personal brand development, and strengths development.

With degrees from both Ohio University and The Ohio State University, Kevin’s Midwest charm radiates as he challenges and inspires student leaders to take steps today toward lifelong leadership success. He knows that leadership is about making others matter, and is enthusiastic about helping students reach their own leadership goals.


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