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Your student leaders need confidence – confidence to make good decisions, confidence to handle inevitable drama, confidence in pushing their way through difficult circumstances.  Many leadership programs teach students what they should be doing and what they should be thinking, but are we doing enough to strengthen them against stress, worry and fear of doing something wrong?

Kevin has shaped an impressive career as a Higher Education administrator, faculty member, and speaker on Ethics. He believes in shaping the next generation by discovering how individuals define meaning and develop personal confidence. Kevin engages his audiences with a commanding presence, professional speaking tactics, and ability to incorporate humor while speaking to every unique audience. In his own words, he provides the antidote to “boring.”

In speaking to college students about “ethical fitness,” Kevin confronts the major challenges that face students during their critical college years.  Too many students learn about ethics in the heat of the moment and by chance.  Kevin believes that through thoughtful programming, students can learn about their ethical fitness long before life confronts them with a critical, life-changing decision.  He’s an outstanding choice for campus leadership conferences, retreats, officer trainings, national fraternity and sorority programming, student athletes, residence life staff training, and more.  Unlike some speakers who arrived with a highly packaged program, Kevin is a very capable “utility speaker.” He can easily shape his message around your conference theme and special training situation. 

Kevin used relevant examples in motivating our team to bring out the full potential in others. His ability to articulate how to lead an organization and its people from within, during transitional periods, really hit home.

Mary Ellen Hardies, Delta Gamma

Kevin Smith brings great energy, experience, and humor to any program. He has a natural way of connecting with students and making them feel at ease, while also challenging and pushing them towards excellence.

Michelle Manchard, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity

I can't recommend Kevin highly enough. He kept his audience engaged through humor and dynamic perspectives and had the entire room howling, while educating, discussing the generation gap in today's workplace.

Christina Zimmer, Ohio Society of Association Executives

The Confidence to Decide

Athletes train to achieve top levels of fitness so that in that moment – when one’s performance counts the most – he or she will perform at the highest level. Although we are not all competitive athletes, every day we are forced to make important decisions that affect our organizations, our campus community, our friends, and others around us. Whether you are a student organization officer, an active member of a team, or simply a student in the right place at the right time, you will probably have at least one big opportunity to make a choice that will deeply impact others.  You’ll have to decide not only between right from wrong, but also perhaps right from right. In times like these, the confidence to make a critical decision can make all the difference.

How ready are you for that big moment?  Because it could happen two years from now, or a week from Wednesday!

In this thought-provoking and humorous keynote, Kevin Smith calls students to action in becoming “ethically fit” and able to handle the most difficult decisions. Through real-life examples and definable concepts, students will emerge from this leadership keynote charged with an increased confidence. Your student leaders will be better able to understand the ethical decision-making process and be able to put it to work on campus and in their lives after college.

Men Reconsidered: Redefining Masculinity for a Future of Better Men

Are we doing enough to prepare college men for this rapidly changing world we keep talking about?  Men’s roles are changing in every place from the office to the household.  Yet as a society, we might be undervaluing the importance of intentional conversations about the role of men.  Ignoring the proper emotional, spiritual and social development of men might have devastating results.  In this keynote, Kevin Smith explores men’s identity issues (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) and dissects the interesting terms and labels our society creates to make sense of them.  Kevin also talks about how important it is for both men and women to take an active role in defining a viable place for the new “man” of the 21st century. Both men and women will emerge from this keynote with a new perspective for their role in shaping positive messages about gender for men, and they will have tools for further critical discussion on issues surrounding modern masculinity.

Kevin's Bio

Kevin Smith was born and raised in Ohio, and is a bit of a state celebrity.  When he tells people that he “dotted the i” as a tuba player in the Ohio State Marching Band, people buy him french fries.  Kevin is a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity and in addition to speaking to college audiences, he works with several corporate clients each year throughout the Midwest.  He is also a small business owner and a personal trainer.  He also works at the University of Akron specializing in teaching leadership and developing leadership institutes and centers.  He has recently been very excited about a professional opportunity to develop social innovation initiatives in Ghana in West Africa.  Kevin has one daughter.


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