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It’s amazing what student leaders can learn from a man in a duck suit.

For four of his years of college, Tyson Wooters carried a secret.

Every Saturday, when the University of Oregon football team put on pads and helmets, preparing to face an opponent on the field, Tyson was also suiting up. Each football Saturday, Tyson suited up with 15 pounds of synthetic feathers.

Tyson was The Duck—University of Oregon’s beloved mascot and 2004 National Mascot Champion—firing up fans and becoming an integral part of the Saturday stadium experience. He danced, he performed stunts, he rallied the stands. He threw himself backwards into the waiting arms of the student cheering section and did the Duck Surf.

So, what is a guy in a duck suit doing on the CAMPUSPEAK roster?

Turns out, your students can learn a lot from a Duck.

Just as he spent years firing up college football fans, today Tyson draws on his very unusual experience to fire up student audiences looking for a fun, meaningful message about student empowerment and leadership. In his keynote, Always Wear Your Head, Tyson is helping students nationwide understand how every person in a college community has a contribution to make.

He helps them understand the life-altering power of being a part of something much larger than themselves. He teaches them about the role of “community” in their lives. He empowers each person to get busy and play a part in making his or her community great.

We each live our lives as part of groups: sports teams, living communities, families, congregations and more. Commitment to these communities begins when a new member becomes aware of his/her power to influence and shape that community. Membership comes with a responsibility to contribute to the greater good, and these new members must understand the impact of their words, thoughts, actions and choices.

Tyson is an energetic, funny, engaging speaker who can help students understand their role in their new community—whether during orientation, upon joining your Greek community, new student-athlete success programs or as they prepare to join new communities after graduation. Through Tyson’s energetic keynote, students come to understand how to take personal ownership of a group’s goals. Whether or not they are sports fans, they will laugh and learn as they see community dynamics through Tyson’s unique experiences.

Tyson will share how incredibly rewarding service to the greater good can be. He speaks to the awesome power of servant leadership. He will make students aspire to meaningful contributions to their organizations, living groups and teams. And while he’s at it, he’ll share tips on crowd surfing in a sweaty duck suit.

He is friendly, youthful, energetic and contemporary. His keynote was right on par with our theme.

Erica Wilson, Indiana Greek Leadership Conference Cooridnator, Purdue University

His message hit home with many of our struggling student organizations. It was as if everything we tell the students and the students ask for was validated in an instant. The most effective aspect was his "realness." Tyson was perfect!

Augie Garibay, California State University, Northridge

Tyson, just wanted to say thank you again for the talk you gave at our Leaders Live event here at The University of Iowa...It was very encouraging and I have a whole new view of many aspects of my life. I hope I have the honor of attending another event you are speaking at in the future. I would love to hear more about some of your experiences, in and out of the Duck suit.

Nate Castillo, University of Iowa

Love Labs:  What’s Your Relationship Equation?

NEW KEYNOTE. Men should open doors and pull out his date’s chair. He should pay for the date. Women should be ready on time and refrain from applying makeup in public. It’s ladylike to let him order for you.

How old fashioned! (And not to mention gender stereotyping!) Tyson Wooters knows better. In his revolutionary program Love Labs, he’ll take a fresh, contemporary look at what goes into creating a healthy relationship, whether you’re into men, women, both, or any other identification. Maybe you want a partner, and maybe you just want to have fun. Ultimately, you can have exactly what you want, and Tyson will help you get there.

Examining the “why” you’re dating, learning your own patterns, and focusing on treating someone (and yourself) with respect are zeroed in on during this fun, interactive presentation. Whatever healthy, rewarding relationship you’re looking for, let Tyson help you find your way there!

Always Wear Your Head

In this energetic, motivational leadership keynote, Tyson gets his audiences laughing and examining their opportunity to be part of your college community.

After hearing Tyson speak, students will walk away with:

  • new explosive energy as individuals and members of their campus group
  • awareness as to whether their goals are in line with their potential and values
  • new commitment to exceeding goals
  • a craving for deeper connection to the community around them
  • perspective on what it means to be devoted to a cause, whether a political movement, one’s own education, their college or the betterment of their campus organization

If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat, positive keynote for orientation, convocations, convention, new member programs or your emerging leaders event, Tyson delivers. He’ll energize your group with his humor and insight.

Life is a Highway

We are each dealt a hand at birth—genetics, family resources, gender, culture, race and circumstance. Then environment, experiences and childhood influences start shaping us. Schools, community centers, churches, sports teams and neighborhoods impact our development. We make choices, others make choices for us, and the world moves us along at the ever-constant pace of 60 minutes per hour.

But then, at some point, you start calling more of the shots. You get to make your own mistakes and accumulate wisdom that shapes the most critical turns in your life. The question is: have you taken over the driver’s seat yet? Or are you still simply letting life happen to you?

Life is a Highway is about empowerment of the individual; how you can begin deliberately shaping your path, choosing your influences and increasing the likelihood of a rich and rewarding life. With Tyson’s help, learn to deliberately choose which road you’ll go down. Take some control over the future as it unfolds before you.

The start of college is a great time to answer these critical questions. Whether you’ve found yourself at this moment because of great planning, or simply as a result of chance, now is a time to dedicate yourself to a life lived intentionally. This moment presents an opportunity to make choices that lead to success.

Tyson's Bio

Tyson Wooters believes in the strength of humble leaders, the awesome power of servanthood and your organization’s ability to harness those forces. He also believes in what he calls his life’s mission: to educate people through humor and shared experience about the phenomenal power of taking real accountability and ownership in every aspect of life.

Tyson learned to lead while wearing white pants and standing on a ladder, but he admits that those elements aren’t necessarily required in the cultivation of every good leader. His formative leadership experience was as drum major of his high school marching band, a position that launched him not only into the glamorous, high-stakes world of college marching band, but taught him the value of putting service to an organization above personal glory.

Along with earning his teaching degree in music education from the University of Oregon (as well as unofficial minors in “trampoline performance” and “mascot studies”), Tyson has spent the last decade working in Oregon classrooms. He considers himself a teacher first and foremost, though his definition of what it really means to “teach” often doesn’t require a blackboard or a textbook.

Tyson lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he curates an impressive Hawaiian shirt collection and rides his moped on sunny days. He enjoys travel, scuba diving and spending time with his niece who is his favorite person in the whole wide world.


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