SPEAK UP to end sexual violence on your campus.

Sexual violence is a real issue impacting real people. Now is the time to start the conversation. SPEAK UP is an interactive online Campus SaVE Act training program that uses true stories told by survivors of sexual violence to help students understand the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, bystander intervention, and support. CAMPUSPEAK has partnered with the speakers and educators in these fields to create meaningful content that gets to the heart of the issue. SPEAK UP will help your campus do more than just check a box of compliance for Title IX education mandates and Campus SaVE Act requirements. Pairing this program with our provided follow-up material will give your students the tools they need to actively prevent sexual violence. SPEAK UP’s turn-key solution includes:

  • Video-based online learning experience (45 minutes)
  • Onboarding and follow-up emails to all participants
  • Real-time participant tracking and data dashboard
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Facilitation guide for advisors or student leaders, to advance the conversation
  • Letter to parents
  • Ready to use SPEAK UP social media campaign
  • Sexual violence awareness posters
  • Option to customize with your own introductory video and branding
  • Customizable pre and post assessments that track institutional data and measure program effectiveness
  • Facilitator guides to continue the conversation in live group settings
  • Supplemental resources including additional training videos
  • *All programs are customizable for the college, including a Campus Climate Survey option.

Video-based online learning experience includes:

  • Seven online modules addressing the topics of:
    • Sexual Assault & Stalking
    • Identifying Unhealthy Relationships
    • Consent
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Survivor Support
    • If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted
    • Risk Reduction & Prevention
  • Optional Add-in Modules Include:
    • Fraternity & Sorority Life
    • Pre-College Assault & Survivorship
    • Secondary Survivorship & Self Care
    • Title IX for Administrators & Faculty
    • Title IX for Volunteers

This program is designed to provide critical information to your students in a format that works for them. Forget boring lectures and role-playing – this is a personal topic. SPEAK UP provides real stories with real impact to support your students. Everyone can play an active role in stopping sexual assault. SPEAK UP is the perfect online supplement to existing institutional efforts to create a safer campus environment.