About Our Contributors

Rachel DeAlto

Rachel is a love coach and relationship expert. She utilizes her years of experience to share with students helpful information they cannot get from their college-age friend or Buzzfeed article. Rachel helps students break down consent: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to make sure they have it. She walks students through secondary survivorship, self-care, and how to assess the health of their relationships, allowing them to take control of their own happiness and prevent unnecessary pain. Rachel has been featured on TedX, Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, Today, CNN, Access Hollywood Live, HLN, and Fox News.

Mike Dilbeck

Mike DilbeckMike Dilbeck works with people who want to stand up, step in, and speak out for what’s right in order to make the difference they want to make. He is on a mission to change the way individuals, organizations, campuses, companies – and society as a whole – react when another human being, or group of people, are being adversely impacted by inappropriate, abusive, or unhealthy behavior. In 2008, Mike released an educational, reality-based film on bystander intervention entitled, “RESPONSE ABILITY.” It has now evolved into RESPONSE ABILITY: The Revolution for Courageous Leadership — an educational and empowerment initiative which includes a comprehensive website, keynote, workshops, certification trainings, DVD, book, and more. Mike delivers hope for a new world as a speaker delivering his powerful, yet challenging, keynote to audiences of all sizes. When not speaking, he is writing, training others, or creating the next big thing.

Lyna Nguyen

Lyna’s personal experience on the road to healing from sexual violence inspired her to become an instructor for Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. Through SELP she has organized a program in which survivors can gather for support and to explore various healing modalities in their community. Additionally, Lyna volunteers her time to help others through this program as they embark on their own journey toward self-healing.

Tim Mousseau

Tim MousseauTim Mousseau is a storyteller who focuses on using his writing and speaking to reframe how communities approach the cultures they are creating. Tim uses his passion and vulnerability to guide conversations that inspire his audience to examine their own actions and redefine the way they are telling their stories. As a speaker for CAMPUSPEAK, he talks with college communities across America about sexual assault prevention, using his own story to connect with students on this issue. Tim received a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Gonzaga, his research focused on curiosity and creativity.

Suzette Walden Cole

walden-cole_thumbnailSuzette Walden Cole serves as the Lead Consultant for James R. Favor & Company’s Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative (FHSI). She served as the lead author for FHSI’s Taking a Stand: Preventing Sexual Misconduct on Campus training module area. As a sexual assault prevention consultant and professional speaker, Suzette draws upon her experiences as a former Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution to engage college students in powerful discussions about protecting themselves and their fellow students from harm. Suzette is a doctoral candidate in the Education Administration and Foundations at Illinois State University, studying the factors that contribute to the development of culture in student groups and effective strategies for cultivating change within student groups.