Learning Methods

Campuses need to be safe spaces for students – sexual violence cannot be tolerated. We believe that by providing meaningful education to all students, we can stop this issue once and for all. In order to do this we must meet students where they are, engaging them in formats that work for their learning styles and using the newest tools available. This is why SPEAK UP features real survivors with real stories and relevant information to engage and educate students.

We don’t just believe our methods of video learning are more effective – we know it! Research proves that the best way to engage undergraduate audiences is through real-world interaction, namely in the form of video. While there is no lack of online education, our program uses one of the most effective methods of educating: interactive videos, follow-up activities, and tailored assessments. We promote student learning by connecting students with speakers delivering educational content in the form of personal narrative. Additionally, our cutting edge learning management software includes built-in features that ensure participants watch each video fully and complete all activities before they can progress through the training.

SPEAK UP empowers students to take a stand against sexual violence and gives them the tools they need to speak up and intervene in difficult situations.