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Great talk. On point. Engaged the audience well. Would have him back on campus in the future.

David did an outstanding job of engaging our students and providing them with tools to help them succeed. All of the feedback from students that we have received has been positive.

Ross gave an excellent Keynote Presentation at our Children's Mental Health Conference. His message was important and well done but the delivery was superb. Ross had over 250 people fully engaged and delighted during the presentation. All the feedback has been more than positive. He changed lives at our conference and we are so glad he was our presenter. He is a gifted speaker and his topic is so relevant in today's environment.

Mark Sterner is one of the best speakers a collegiate program board can bring to campus. He's relatable and does not preach.. he just asks important questions that gets audience to think in ways they may not have before. I think everyone can get something out of his presentation. Mark is a great guy and we enjoy time w/ him . Highly recommend !

This was such an amazing experience for me! I was literally hanging on every word that came out of your mouth! Hazing is a serious problem and I truly believe it is all around us. But I absolutely love the way the myths were being told and the Tories begin some of them. This was a huge eye opener for me and I would love to attend any other presentation that you do at our school! Thank You!!!

I was expecting a different perspective from this presentation because in the last two years of being in Sigma Sigma Sigma, I have seen two other anti-hazing speakers, both males, but this was completely different. I had never sat in front of someone who admitted to hazing someone else & who had learned from it. Michelle is HILARIOUS but gets her point across in a way I hadn't thought of. She's so real & I think that's what stood out to me.

I absolutely loved Michelle! She was one of the best speakers I have had the opportunity to listen to. She made it unique and fun, but got to the point. I was never was thinking "Is she almost done?" Very awesome and I'm very thankful that you came to our campus!

Mike Dilbeck did an excellent job introducing the idea of bystander accountability, and the power of our words. He was our keynote speaker launching an inclusive language campaign on campus, and brought humor and his personal story to relate to things happening on campus. He challenged our students to take ownership of their words and actions, and stand up!

We loved having Amber Krzys on our campus for a keynote speaking event as well as a photo shoot! I really enjoyed what her message is about and received awesome feedback from students who attended the events. I would highly recommend Amber Krzys!!

Michelle's presentation was incredible! I was not only inspired, but motivated to make the most of my time and opportunities in my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She is funny, easy to relate to, charismatic, and an amazing role model. Her presentation kept everyone engaged and laughing. I hope to see her again in the near future and to continue to learn from her. Michelle is the kind of woman I aspire to become.

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