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Sara was an AMAZING speaker and was exactly what I wanted for my leadership summit for my capstone event. Not only did she connect to the audience, but she got to know them and give them the advice they asked for. Her enthusiasm for leadership really shined as she spoke. I would without a doubt recommend her. The students could not stop talking about her throughout the day and let others know they missed out if they did not hear her speak.

Erin, You did an amazing job of reaching our women! Thank you so much for bringing the passion and really inspiring the audience! We love how your message is so similar to our platform this year, of women's empowerment. Do you have any suggestions of activities or events we could do to promote these values and keep the energy going for the rest of the year? Once again, thanks for being awesome! We all had a great time!

Hi Mark, You spoke to our students at Glenbard East High School on Wednesday, Feb. 18. I am a teacher at the school and wanted to thank you for getting your message out to everyone. I know what you experienced changed your life forever but you're making the best of the situation, doing what you can to try and make others see that this can also happen to them. You're making a positive difference in people's lives.

Steve captivated the audience at our last leadership conference. He has interesting stories that leave you inspired and awestruck. He talked to me afterwards about how to reach my goals and what paths I should take and his advice was remarkable. It is a privilege to have him speak and incredibly rewarding. Highly, highly recommended.

Tim gave a keynote for our inaugural Executive Leaders Retreat for fraternity and sorority officers and his message really resonated with the students. He was candid, authentic, and able to connect on a personal level with the students, even bringing in some institution-specific references that helped get students engaged. Tim is great to work with and students left his keynote ready to take on challenges they faced and make a positive impact.

After seeing this presentation today, his story really hit me hard. What shook me the most was when he said, "The worst part about it is, I've spoken to more than 2 million people across the country, and I'm never gonna know if anybody listens." I want to let you know, Mark, that I did listen. And I won't forget.

"Embracing Real Beauty" was the best talk I have ever heard, and many other students have said the same. The talk was just the right balance of humor and seriousness. Students were laughing and crying. Stacy's genuine, down-to-earth personality works wonders. Since the speech, I have heard countless stories from women who said their lives were changed. Stacy is an inspiration and is now a role model of mine and many other women on our campus.

Jess was a breath of fresh air for our students. We joked in her introduction that we usually give our students "old Generals" as speakers and that Jess would be able to give them a different perspective on leadership. She certainly delivered and the students were inspired. Her message is one that all students should hear.

I have never seen my students so energized and motivated than I did after Jess spoke to them at our Leadership Conference. She was engaging, passionate, and relatable to our group. Jess definitely left a lasting impression on our students and we couldn't be happier with her visit and addition to our Leadership Conference.

Marian University holds the Aspiring Leaders Conference each year for college students to attend, and Tyson was the keynote speaker for the event this year. I was really happy that Tyson was so engaging and funny, yet he was able to get his point across efficiently. I agree with the many others who heard his talk and said that they could listen to him for hours!

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