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Michelle rocked the stage way before she was even done with the introduction. Our student leaders and first year students truly appreciated Michelle's transparency throughout the entire presentation. Our students are still having the conversations that #hazingisstupid and informing their friends that missed the presentation. You have opened the eyes our the Salem women and for that we are forever grateful.

I just wanted to let you know that it was a true privilege to meet you! You're a wonderful woman who is very, very good at what you do! You were born to be a public speaker... (that's what you should do when you grow-up). It is always enjoyable to see the new students fully engaged in your presentations. Thank you for everything and keep up the excellent work!

It was about 5 years ago I heard you first speak at my high school. I was junior, so I wasn't really into drinking. You're speech and video really spoke to me. To this day I can still remember everything you said. I am now in my third year of college. You're story has taught me the true dangers of drinking and driving. I will never forget your words. You have made an impact on my life and many others. Thank you.

Our community was impressed by David's message when he came to visit during our Greek Week. It was a great way to incorporate values into our Greek Week and aligned with our goal to promote Greek unity. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the keynote and connected with the message. We wish we could have had a bigger space to accommodate more students! Thank you!

Your speech was truly moving. Thank you for coming to my school and sharing your story. I know how hard it must be for you to retell it but it really helps put things into perspective. I loved how you told the story and didn't expect anyone to feel bad for you (even though I feel horrible that you had to go through this). Once again, thank you for speaking to the students at my school. I appreciate it and will not forget it.

Corey is the real deal - he walks his talk. Our campus was going through some difficult times when it was time to advance the date and Corey was amazingly flexible, understanding AND supportive. His message is clear, applicable and memorable. Looking for a way to include him in our fall student employee training!

We invited Ross to speak for our annual Hunter White Safe Spring Break symposium. Ross connected with the students through humor and his personal story. He did a great job of showing students the mental health spectrum and how they each can adopt and adapt new coping mechanisms. It was a fantastic presentation and all of our feedback has been positive.

Stacy Nadeau was an amazing speaker. Her passion, enthusiasm, and engagement kept the audience interested in her presentation throughout the entire time. I honestly feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to speak with her, as she really made a difference in how I view body image issues on my campus! Thanks Stacy!

Lori connects so well to her audiences. Through humor and engaging stories, she provides a message that impacts and helps students walk away from the presentation with take-aways. Lori also works with campuses to tailor message to specific events and topics; she is informed when she comes to your campus and delivers what is needed. We host a lot of speakers and multiple students said she is the best speaker they have seen at USF!

James spoke to Ithaca College's Residence Hall Association last week and did an excellent job! His stories had the group engaged and laughing even at 10am on a Saturday morning. The advice he gave was excellent and the group is excited to implement our new skills this semester on campus.

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