Student leadership surely happens in meetings, at events, and in the Student Activities Office. But more and more, student leadership is happening online. Every time the fingers touch a smart device, leadership is happening. Welcome to the age of digital leadership.

We’ve long talked about how a student leader’s actions affect his or her ability to influence peers and the campus environment. Now, we need to be talking about integrated identities, ethics of online interactions, and how competing digital demands affect the person behind the logins.

Your emerging leaders have been online since elementary school. Your newly elected leaders have been experiencing their organizations through group Facebook pages and group chats since they were old enough to play organized sports. Yet, too few of them have ever been asked how their digital leadership contributes to their effectiveness, happiness, and sense of self.

Strong Signals is an interactive workshop that asks these vital questions. 

In this 3-hour workshop, your students will evaluate their personal and organizational online behavior as well as their own digital identity. They will develop creative strategies to represent themselves and promote their organizations in social media. They will develop crisis management skills through simulated online social media meltdowns. Each participant gets a workbook (how non-digital, right?) and a post assessment. 

Woven into the curriculum are messages about character development, leadership, public relations and organization marketing and individual mental health and wellness. Students engage with social media during the workshop, analyzing trends and observing patterns of behavior.

Students have grown weary of warnings about what they should NOT do with social media. Strong Signals focuses on what students CAN do with the awesome power at their fingertips.

If you feel like social media is the great “uncontrollable element” of today’s student leadership, you’re right. The best way to positively influence what happens in the great open market of digital interaction is to give your students thoughtful ways to plan, react and strategize their role in that space. Strong Signals gives student leaders a sense of empowerment to achieve their goals and maintain positive, authentic identities amid the chaos.

Strong Signals can be applied to any group of students on your campus: student governments, program boards, fraternity and sorority, student athletes, new students, and emerging leaders. The workshop may be incorporated into an existing leadership event, training, or retreat. As with other CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshops, you get an energetic facilitator capable of adjusting the curriculum to match the needs of your students, providing them with a meaningful, relevant learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

• Participants will evaluate their personal and organizational online behavior
• Participants will explore their digital identity.
• Participants will develop a strategy to creatively represent themselves and promote their organization using social media.
• Participants will develop crisis management skills and apply them when responding to a mock social media crisis.

Workshop Details

• 3-hour interactive workshop
• Includes a participant workbook and post assessment
• Often used as part of an existing training
• Who Is This Ideal For:
o Student Organizations
o Student Government
o Fraternity and Sorority Life Organizations
o First Year Students

To learn more about Strong Signals, call 303-745-5545 or email