In 2012, CAMPUSPEAK Interactive Workshops launched “Building New Leaders,” a workshop for emerging student leaders. That workshop helped potential student leaders think about the kind of leader they want to be, and how they might contribute to the campus community. The workshop has been so successful that many customers started asking for the next thing – a version for more established student leaders.

We are happy to meet that need with a new workshop called “Leadership Plunge!” This is the workshop for your engaged student leaders looking to kick their skills up a notch in a thoughtful, strategic way. In the Leadership Plunge workshop, your student leaders will examine their current leadership styles, diving deeper into situational leadership theory, in a highly interactive setting. They will discover where they waste time, and learn the critical skills to help them succeed in the areas of student leadership that frustrate and hold them back.

One of the biggest take-aways from this workshop will be the discussion of “crucial conversations” – those difficult times when student leaders need to hold their friends and members accountable for their choices. Student leaders frequently regard this as their most exhausting and draining challenge, and Leadership Plunge helps them practice these skills in a supportive environment. In the course of the 3-hour workshop, student leaders are encouraged to commit to a campus culture of higher accountability for all students.

Best of all, participants leave with a “leadership blueprint.” They set goals for their future involvement with an eye toward the most effective uses of their time. The CAMPUSPEAK facilitator will work to create a fun, meaningful experience, and your students will emerge as a more connected group – ready to lend support to each other as they plunge into the challenges that lie ahead.