Great program. Honest, real and poignant. Made me think a lot about my [pledge] experience and what I did to other [pledges] after me. We need to do things differently.

Student, NGLA

This program can greatly impact our campus because it allows multicultural organizations to have their voices heard and to learn in a comfortable and familiar setting

Student, Loyola Marymount University

This program is very insightful. As a new chapter coming back to campus, this has helped me tremendously as a chapter president

Student, Texas Tech University

The Intake Equation allows the council to come together on serious issues and provides ways we can attack our problems and challenges.

Student, DePaul University

Helping members of culturally-based Greek organizations overcome challenges associated with intake and hazing.

Every organization has its own values and identity based on a historically foundation. It is up to the current members to maintain the integrity of the organization while advancing the mission of the group. This workshop hits the core challenges surrounding hazing, intake, values alignment and various issues that truly matter to specific organizations. It challenges student leaders to action and gives them the confidence and urgency necessary to make significant change within their organizations and community.

Because this workshop was created by and is facilitated by members of NPHC, NAPA, NALFO and NMGC organizations, students will appreciate their facilitators as brothers and sisters who share their values and their concerns about the future of their organizations. The curriculum and activities are designed specifically for your organizations, and it is continuously updated and customized for the students attending the workshop.

Through interactive discussion and activities, The Intake Equation helps students develop actionable ideas and goals that will help them build and maintain a legacy of success. Best of all, they will learn how to shape their membership in a manner consistent with the mission and values of their organizations. Participants will build a legacy by focusing on individual action, chapter planning and system and community assistance. That paired with a commitment to aligning values with action ensures a steady foundation for organizations to build upon after the workshop.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a consistent alignment between values and actions on an individual and group level
  • Commit to a comprehensive intake plan that will benefit current and future members
  • Create a legacy utilizing individual, chapter, system and community resources
  • Effectively market each organization through branding and alignment techniques

Workshop Details

  • 5-hour interactive workshop
  • Includes a participant workbook and a pre and post assessment
  • Can be customized for the organizations involved

Who Is This Ideal For?

  • Black, Latino/a, Asian and culturally-based fraternity and sorority organizations

For more information about The Intake Equation, call CAMPUSPEAK at 303-745-5545 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).