Smart, simple, on target. An important concept for all student leaders to understand before they start banging their heads against a wall, trying to engage every member. The practical ideas will transform how they work, achieve results, and avoid burnout.

Lori Hart, Ph.D., Atlanta, Georgia

Giving students leaders the tools they need to motivate members at all levels of engagement and involvement.

The most actively involved student leaders in your campus organizations (your “top-third” members) get frustrated and burned out trying to lead members who are less motivated and engaged. Too many top-third student leaders spend all their time focused on the bottom-third members – the ones who don’t attend meetings and events, fall short on their promises, and detract from the mission and goals of the organization. As the battle wages between the top-third leaders and the bottom-third members causing problems, the middle third gets ignored.

This interactive workshop utilizes information and techniques from the book Motivating the Middle: Fighting Apathy in College Student Organizations. Motivating the Middle will help your most dedicated student leaders understand that their fellow members respond to different motivations and engage in different ways and learn how to shift their focus to the middle third of their organization.

By identifying what characterizes each third, the top-third members can find a way to more effectively incorporate and connect with the middle-third members. Leaders can make change, improve morale and tap into new productivity. Participants will learn concepts and strategies highlighted in the book and will engage in small and large group activities and discussion to put those strategies into action. Participants will focus on persistent problems within the community, collaboration and will develop various tools to help each organization meet its full potential through member motivation. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a list of core characteristics and motivators for each third
  • Diagnose persistent problems within the community and develop strategies for how to approach and remedy them
  • Develop basic membership criteria for each organization
  • Design and implement a creative and strategic plan to continue to motivate members after the workshop

Workshop Details

  • 3-hour interactive workshop
  • Includes a participant workbook and a pre and post assessment
  • Often used as part of an existing training

Who Is This Ideal For?

  • Fraternity and Sorority leaders
  • Student organizations
  • Student government
  • Large campus committees

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