We are so excited to be continuing our RESPONSE ABILITY® conversation in a more intimate, intentional and expanded format. It is our hope that this is the start of a campus movement. After all, we each have the power and responsibility as individuals and bystanders to make a change in our community.

Heather Howard, Director of Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service, Sonoma State University

Determine your values and discover your voice to overcome the bystander effect.

The PersonalPower: A RESPONSE ABILITY® Workshop empowers students to go beyond bystander behavior and to intervene in problem situations. Oftentimes students know what problems they face, but don’t always have the tools necessary to combat these issues. This workshop fosters personal development and empowers participants to take action to make positive change on their campus and within their communities.

PersonalPower explores personal and organizational values, provides an overview of bystander behavior, barriers that keep us from intervening, intervention styles and skills, and concludes with a chance to practice intervention skills that will help them make a difference. Students will leave empowered to confront behaviors including hazing, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual abuse/assault, bullying and discrimination on college campuses and to live a life of confidence and integrity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Commit to being a person of action – living out organizational/personal values and confronting unhealthy behaviors.
  • Identify barriers that keep bystanders from intervening when problematic behavior arises.
  • Demonstrate and practice strategies for interventions.

What CAS Standards Does this Workshop Focus On?

  • Practical Competence
  • Cognitive Complexity

Workshop Details

  • 5 hour interactive workshop
  • Includes a participant workbook and a post assessment
  • Gives participants an opportunity to practice intervention styles and skills

Who Is This Ideal For?

  • Residence Hall Associations
  • Orientation Leaders
  • Student Organizations
  • Peer Educators
  • Fraternity and Sorority Organizations
  • Athletes
  • First Year Students

For more information about the PersonalPower: A RESPONSE ABILITY®Workshop call 303-745-5545, email or visit